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DUCK KEY ONLINE NEWS - Duck Key, A Marvel Comics "Island Getaway"


In March of 1997 Marvel Comics published Issue 451 of the Incredible Hulk comic and Duck Keywas selected as the location where the Hulk takes refuge and all the action occurs. Issues 452 and 453 also featured Duck Key in the plot.

The Marvel comic character, Hulk, was created in the 1960s. The character use to go through a transformation from normal person Dr. Bruce Banner into a grotesque green creature identified as the Hulk.

Initially in the comic series the Hulk was able to change back into Bruce Banner, but that no longer happens. Through the decades the story has evolved and presently the Hulk just wants to be left alone, but the government and the army won't let that happen.

Incredible Hulk #451, March 1997,

Title: "Island Getaway"

How does the Hulk find Duck Key? In one comic scene in Issue 451 a nervous scientist is seen spinning his key ring. The Hulk focuses on the rings keys and decides he needs a place of his own. That place turns out to be an island in the Florida Keys, Duck Key.


Shortly thereafter the Marvel comic artwork shows the "Florida Keys, a stretch of islands" and "Duck Key, population between five and eight thousand".


The writer of the Hulk series, Peter David of Long Island, had never visited the Florida Keys, so Marvel Comics "played fast and loose with the facts". Duck Keywas depicted as an island city with multi-story buildings and municipal structures, a lighthouse, a police force, and a female Mayor. Duck Key is described as fairly quiet and "moderately popular with the rich and famous" and Hawk's Cay Resort is described incorrectly as a favorite of George Bush.


Actuallymost local residents of the Keys know that the Islamorada area was George Bush's favorite fishing spot,while the Duck Key's waters where favored by such fishermen as Zane Grey and Franklyn Roosevet.

One scene shows the Hulk destroying the bridge connecting Duck Keyto the Overseas Highwayand smashing the bridge supports from below. Hulk sinks all boats preventing residents from leaving the area. He declares "This is my island now. Hulk Island. I am in charge and there are only two laws"." We leave each other alone" and "no one leaves."



Whythe Florida Keys?

The author explained that he asked himself, "What would the Hulk do next? I picked the Florida Keys because it had to be someplace reasonable to get to.

Peter David first thought of the Hawaiian Islands, but questioned how would the Hulk get there. He reasoned, "He can't take American Airlines. He can leap, but only two miles. And swimming there would be a great task. Taking over Manhattan Island in New York sees somewhat unwieldy"

Why Duck Key?

Another writer in contact with Peter David suggested that Duck Key in the Middle Keys would suit the Hulk's needs?


Incredible Hulk #452 April, 1997

Title: "Take Charge Guy"

In this issue Duck Key's police Chief attempts to shoot the Hulk, and Hulk holds the island hostage. An Army General suggests using a nuclear warhead, but a government official won't allow that and suggests obliterating 5000 souls gets a one way ticket to Duck Key… though he hears Florida is nice this time of year.

A hurricane, Hurricane Betty, is scheduled to make landfall on Duck Key in twelve hours.

Since the Duck Key residents have been taken hostage they can't flee the island nor get aid from the mainland. People hid in their homes and are at the mercy of the waters surrounding the island. there are no breaker walls. The mayor asks the Hulk for help.

When the storm arrive the Hulk strengthens all the islands weak points, builds sea walls as residents help with sand bags and Duck Key is saved.

Incredible Hulk #453 May 1997
Title: "Lock and Key"saved.


Duck Key is of less significance in Issue #3.The island residents start put the town back together. As a result of the island's isolation, the storm, and the Hulk's help Duck Key gains notarity and people start referring to Duck Key as Hulk Island. The island has started to merchandise and promote their experience. One character hands another a snow globe with the Hulk replica inside it.








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