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Duck Key residents may be interested in lending support to a new organization calling themselves "FIRM".

FIRM stands for Fair Insurance Rates in Monroe


FIRM's website is . The site provides much information about the unfair insurance rates to be imposed on home owners of Monroe County, Florida as well as actions citizens can take individually and collectively. A number of Duck Key residents have joined FIRM because of the impact of proposed rates on the Keys.

A comparison of rates among counties demonstrates the inequity of the insurance premiums. Wind insurance is one of the highest costs of living Monroe County, Florida.


"Concerned citizens and homeowners uniting to stop unfair and unaffordable property insurance premiums.

Where We Are Headed

Our primary focus at this time is to put the brakes on a Citizen's rate increase scheduled for March. We've all heard about the expected increases but until you see the gross inequities from county to county in the residential rating tables, it's difficult to comprehend how poorly Monroe County is being treated. Here's a sampling of rates that various counties are expected to see"

FIRM is a grassroots organization dependent on supporter donations to help defray the cost of printed and promotional materials. Contributions are very much appreciated and may be sent to:

Attn: Gary Sechen
Key West Bank
701 Whitehead Street
Key West, FL 33040