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News on Duck Key Wastewater - September, October, November 2004 E-mails



Information from Jane Marter Duck Key Wastewater Advisory Committee Chairperson. There are two representative from each island.

Also E-mail correspondence with Aquaduct Authority.


 From: "Jane Marter" <jhmarter@bellsouth.net>

Date: Sat Nov 20, 2004 15:26:30 US/Eastern

To: info@duckkeyonline.com

Subject: Duck Key Wastewater Treatment Committee:


Dear Duck Key Property Owners:

We have an appointment with Thomas Willi, the new county administrator,

on November 29th at 11:00 a.m. at his office in the Gato Building on Simonton

St. in Key West. The purpose of this meeting is to demonstrate our unity and

eagerness to receive a portion of the $20 milion dollar bond issue which the

County is in the process of obtaining for wastewater treatment. You are all

invited to come with us. If you are interested in helping us lobby the county

administrator, please let Roy Enquist (743-0115) Ed Gottschalk (743-2799) or

me (743-3137) know.

The Florida Keys Acqueduct Authority is going to hold a seminar on the

technical/engineering aspects of the proposed wastewater treatment system for

Duck Key including the upgrade and expansion of the Indies Island plant,

sometime during the second week of January. No location has been decided

upon. We would like your help in preparing an extensive outline of questions

to be answered by the FKAA staff. Please get them to me by December 15th,

hard copy preferred. A copy of the questions will be given to everyone who

attends the seminar. FKAA personnel will be given the questions before


We would like to make this process as open as possible, with

participation by all the Duck Key property owners. Please pass this

information/invitation on to anyone you know who is not a DKPOA member or who

does not have e-mail.

Thank you.


Jane Marter



From: Ed Nicolle <enicolle@fkaa.com>

Date: Tue Oct 12, 2004 10:37:35 US/Eastern

To: Richard Adler <info@duckkeyonline.com>

Cc: Kerry Shelby <kshelby@fkaa.com>, Ray Shimokubo <rshimokubo@fkaa.com>

Subject: RE: waste water and Duck Key


Dick Adler,

Duck Key has not been put on the Back Burner. Progress is still continuing

on the waste water system. I do not know of the money situation. It would

seem that most of the money congress pledged to Jeb Bush will finance the

states hurricane losses (my personnel opinion).



-----Original Message-----

From: Richard Adler [mailto:info@duckkeyonline.com]

Sent: Monday, October 11, 2004 3:32 PM

To: Ed Nicolle

Cc: jane marter

Subject: waste water and Duck Key



To Ed Nicolle,


A resident who has to upgrade his sewer system related a recent

conversation he had with someone in FKAA administration.


1. No money coming from the state as a result of hurricane costs.

2. Duck Key lacks political clout when it comes to getting funding.

Cities will get priority.

3. Duck Key residential more than likely will be serviced last.

4. There probably will be an extension on the 2010 date from the state

on sewering the entire Keys.


I also read a copy of a September communication to Jane Marter from

Kerry Shelby which seemed to indicate progress was continuing and

residential Duck Key was not on the back burner in terms of waste water.




What is the current situation regarding residential Duck Key's

becoming part of the waste water system? Has the situation changed as

a result of the hurricanes?


Dick Adler


E-mail with correspondence with Aquaduct Authority and other parties.

Sep 18, 2004

From: "Jane Marter" <jhmarter@bellsouth.net>

Date: Sat Sep 18, 2004 17:25:59 US/Eastern

To: info@duckkeyonline.com

Subject: Fwd: RE: Use of county 1-cent infrastructure sales tax fund on Duck Key:


On September 15, 2004 at 11:10am -0400, Kerry Shelby <kshelby@fkaa.com> wrote:

Good morning, Jane.

Even though they are exhausting (and expensive), three hurricane "drills"

are better than one actual hurricane. So far, so good.


Jane, I believe that Laurie was referring to the $150,000 that the County

approved in April of this year for the FKAA to use to begin planning for the

Duck Key project. I am not aware of any other funds that have been budgeted

for Duck Key at this point.


As far as Hawk's Cay goes, we are waiting on a couple of very important

pieces of information to complete the transfer. As you know, Hawk's Cay

wants an idea of their share of the plant upgrade costs prior to transfer.

Due to irregularities in their water flow data (substantial water leaks) and

wastewater plant data (substantial inflow and infiltration due to leaking

pipes), we have not been able to arrive at a good estimate of their demand

on the overall system. Per our discussions with them, the leaks were

repaired by December 2003. We want to look at a minimum of 12 months worth

of data (December 2003-November 2004) for purposes of determining their

demand. We are also in the process of obtaining a price quote on the

upgrade project. We hope to have that sometime in the next few weeks.


Hope that answers you questions. Please let me know if you need other info.


Kerry Shelby



September 14, 2004

-----Original Message-----

From: Jane Marter [mailto:jhmarter@bellsouth.net]

Sent: Tuesday, September 14, 2004 7:44 PM

To: kshelby@fkaa.com

Subject: Use of county 1-cent infrastructure sales tax fund on Duck Key:


Dear kerry,

I hope your hurricanes are not too wretched.

On August 20th Laurie Karnatz wrote in the Key West Citizen as follows:

" Money from that fund is currently budgeted for other wastewater

projects in the county, including Conch Key, Bay Point, Big Coppitt and Duck


For what project on Duck Key have funds been budgeted by the county

commission? Have you concluded your negotiations with Hawk's Cay? If you

wish, I can fax you the entire article (Sewer Money Sent to Upper Keys).

Thanks. Jane Marter





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