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Wastewater Information and
Developments on Duck Key from 2000 to 2006


This page provides a great many links to information on the history of wastewater that has occurred on Duck Key during the period 2000 to recent time.

Some links provide background information on a proposed community sewer system that was tied to an expansion plan for more villas at Hawk's Cay. The plan met with community opposition. Singh and Company was able to build the additional villas by using transferable development credits gained through his purchased of the Overseas Motel in Marathon. Many links lead to sections of the Monroe County Wastewater Master Plan. Other links lead to news' items.


YEAR 2006

WASTEWATER UPDATE - News from Duck Key Property Association on Florida Keys Aquaduct Auithority Meeting of April 12, 2006


YEAR 2005

Community meeting with the Florida Keys Aquaduct Authority in February. Several meetings with the Authority and one with Sonny McCoy on Wastewater matters.

Summer Fall 2005 - News Highlights - After months of bickering the County Commissioners have finally forged an agreement over wastewater with the FKAA.

Duck Key propertry owners indicated that the Aqueduct Authority has had the support of the Property Owners' Association [DKPOA] through it wastewater advisory committee. DKPOA joined with several lower keys community groups to form the M-10 Coalition in an to attempt to restart wastewater projects. Bill McHale, represents the Duck Key Property Owners Association on the M-10 Coalition.


Letter to Florida Keys Aquaduct Authority from Tom Rooney


YEAR 2004

Information on Wastewater - July 2004

Wastewater Advisory - April 2004

In April 2004 the Monroe County Board of County Commissioners acted on a request to approve the allocation of funds for planning, survey, and conceptual design for Duck Key wastewater system.

Board of County Commissioners Agenda Item Link - April 21 Key West meeting - Request for Approval to allocate funds for planning, survey, and conceptual design for Duck Key wastewater system together with letter from Aquaduct Authority requesting action on Agenda Item

Wastewater Information - March 2004

Reminder - March 25, 2004 - Florida Keys Aquaduct Authority Wastewater Meeting - Hawk's Cay 7:30 PM - PowerPoint Content

On March 25, 2004 the Florida Keys Aquaduct Authority made a presentation to the Duck Key residential community. A committee of residents was formed shortly thereafter to work with the Authority and the County. As information from the committee becomes available it will be distributed.

In 2004 the Duck Key Property Owners' Association assisted in the formation of an AdHoc Wastewater Committee for Duck Key.

In 2004 the Aquaduct Authority decided that Conch Key should be connected to the Duck Key Cooperative Waste Water Plant (Hawk's Cay Resort , Hawk's Cay Village, Indies Condo, etc)


Monroe County Sanitary Wastewater Master Plan approved in 2000

Most links below lead to documents in Portable Document Format. To be able to read pdf files you must have an application called Adobe Reader. Adobe® Reader® is a free software application for viewing and printing Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) files.

The Links to Monroe County Sanitary Wastewater Master Plan were accessible in the past. Now to gain access to you must log on using a name and a password will be sent to you.

Executive Summary -

Introduction -

Public Involvement -

Wastewater Treatment Evaluation -

Wastewater facilities Siting -

Wastewater Management Alternatives and Service Area Analysis Spots -

Water Quality Hot Spots -

Recommended Sanitary Wastewater Plan -

Funding and Financing Options -

Recommended Wastewater System Administration, Management, and Operation -

Works Cited -


YEAR 2002 - Information below deals with the Wastewater plan that was not accepted

Wastewater News Articles and related information - recent Items added to top of list.

Hawk's Cay gets the OK from BOCC - June 19, 2002

BOCC JUNE 19 and 20 MEETINGS - Hawk's Cay gets the OK from Board of County Commissions at June 19 meeting to expand Hawk's Cay Resort on Duck Key - Developer must find 46 ROGO units for added housing - now rests with the City of Marathon.

Letter from Commissioner George Neugent


Board Of County Commissioners - June 19 and 20, 2002 - Agendas - Resort Expansion - Option Agreement for Wastewater


1. Monroe County Commissioners June 19, 2002 - Agenda
Approval of Stipulated Settlement Agreement between the Florida Department of Community Affairs, Monroe County, Hawk's Cay Investors, Ltd., and Hawk's Cay Developers, Ltd.

Public hearing on the above - to consider the request of Hawk's Cay Resort (MM61) to amend a Development of Regional Impact (DRI) to implement a proposed Settlement Agreement between Monroe County, the Florida Department of Community Affairs, and Hawk's Cay Resort - ( PASSED - 4 in favor, 1 opposed )


2. Monroe County Commissioners June 20th Agenda


J. Approval of Option Agreement for the Transfer of a Wastewater System with Duck Key Wastewater Cooperative, Hawk's Cay Investors and County. This Option Agreement grants the County the option (but does not require) transfer of the Hawk's Cay plant to the County or its assignee to maximize flexibility in providing central wastewater treatment to Conch Key and Duck Key  ( PASSED - 4 in favor, 0 opposed)

F. Report by CH2MHILL on Conch Key/Hawk's Cay wastewater management options 


Option Agreement for the Transfer of a Wastewater System - Pages 1 through 17 on Duck Key Online website in jpeg format for those that you don't have Acrobat Reader for reading PDF format

Agenda Page

Pages 1 to 17 of Option Agreement starting with page 2


Worst Waters in Florida in Florida Keys - June 1, 2002

Board of County Commissioners' Meeting May 22, 2002

Editorial: DCA's slacking oversight endangers Florida Keys

May 2002 News Article Keynoter - Hawk's Cay project revisited

Free Press May 2002 News article - Settlement with state allows Duck Key development




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YEAR 2000 - In 2000 wastewater became a goal of the Duck Key Property Owners' Association under President John Wolfe

Links to background material relating to Duck Key's wasterwater committee and developments in the year 2000.

 Summary by John Wolfe in DKPOA Newsletter Year 2000

Materials from 8/28/2000 Florida Keys Aquaduct Authority Meeting

Letter and Agenda for August 28, 2000 meeting with FKAA on providing a plan or approach for cental sewer treatment for Duck Key.

Attachment A - Development of an RFP for Duck Key Central Wastewater Treatment System

Attachment B - Table of Contents - Development of an RFP for Duck Key Central Wastewater Treatment System

FKAA letter to Monroe County dated 9/07/2000

Monroe County letter to FKAA dated 9/11/2000

FKAA letter to Duck Key Property Owners' Association dated 10/13/2000 





Posted by webmaster on December 27, 2000

With reference to the master plan for sewering all of Marathon, Marathon Mayor Bob Miller is quoted in a December 20 Keynoter editorial as saying that the recently approved Federal Funding for the Keys is , " .. an early Christmas present," and that Marathon's direction is " to prepare a master plan for sewering all of Marathon and size it to serve Grassy Key and if they want to be included, Duck Key."


Posted on February 2002 - Letter written by Duck Key resident, Lilo Hagbeck, and appearing in the letters to the editor section of Keynoter entitled "Not all Duck Key homeowners favor central sewage"

The misinterpretation of a vote taken recently at an informal meeting concerning sewage hookup on Duck Key borders on fraud. Thanks to your newspaper, this falsity was printed. This kind of misinformation gives journalism a bad name. Did your reporter attend the meeting? Many homeowners of Duck Key were not even invited, and the homeowners association does not represent all the homeowners, as it is not mandatory to belong. In this massive project, a vote of all homeowners must be taken.

The Duck Key homeowners do not want and do not need to be coerced by developer Pritam Singh and county commissioners Nora Williams and George Neugent to have a hookup to a small existing sewage treatment, which is nearly 50 years old.

Who will benefit from the coercion? Certainly not the homeowners of Duck Key, who are not poor by any stretch, but they are certainly not willing to put themselves, their children and children's children into bondage by the unscrupulous ambitions of a few outsiders.

The teaser of a 30 percent discount to a hookup adds more to the insult &endash; a discount to what? The games being played are obvious. Mr. Singh abused his building allocations on Duck Key but wants more. Mrs. Williams wants state Rep. Ken Sorensen's job and needs a feather in her cap by implementing sewage hookups, and Duck Key should serve as game.

When I moved to Duck Key there were 40 residences on the island. Most of them had septic tanks by then. Where does that fictitious number of 50 cesspits come from?

There is no hurry. We have until the year 2010 to come up with some brilliant ideas concerning our sewage. And we have some good minds living right here.


Posted on January 27, 2002

DKPOA will have a meeting open to all residents of Duck Key on February 3rd at 3 o'clock at the Club Duck Key Pavillion to discuss the Hawk's Cay Resort DRI and waste water proposals for the island.

Posted on January 27, 2002

The Planning Commission Hearing for the Hawks Cay DRI Amendment has been continued to February 6, 2002.   The January Planning Commission meeting indicated they accept comments from the public from individuals that were in attendance to address this issue . There will be an opportunity for public comment at the February 6, 2002 hearing.

Posted by William Paul on February 09, 2002

Feb. 12 questions

Could someone tell me where the exhibits a-e are to the waste-water agreement? This seems highly irregular.

Posted on February 11, 2002

An editorial in the Key West Citizen comments at its conclusion,

" We (Key West editors) do agree with planning commissioner Alicia Putney, who voted against the project. She correctly pointed out that the proposal has little to do with wastewater, affordable housing issues or public input. ' To me,' Putney added, ' it is about whether there are any units left.' "

For the complete editorial go to

ADDED 2004 - Viewing articles in the archives of was free in the past, Now it costs $1.25 per article to view. Links may have changes since 2002 and it may be necessary to use the newspapers website search feature to locate the February Key West Citizen editorial.


Posted by dick adler on February 21, 2002

The editorial "Duck Key project is a scandal in the making" by Tom Tuell, Citizen Editor at

makes a number of valid points. I agree with Tuell's assessment that County Attorney Hendrick's legal opinion justifying additional development rights and the Commissioners' adoption of a position statement to convince the DCA to allow the project appears to be a creative interpretation of the law.

I disagree with Tuell's characterization of the Commission. Back room deals, unholy alliances to get sewers built and obtain cesspit credits to keep ROGO alive, yes, but personally benefiting materially - "Keep an eye out for new houses and expensive cars" - is dragging Commissioners through the mud undeservedly.

 Posted on February 21, 2002

Keynoter : "So far, wastewater remains just talk" Publication Date: February 2, 2002 by Ann Henson Reporter Staff Writer

"So far, wastewater remains just talk. The only thing that's certain with Keys wastewater is that by 2010, Monroe County must have central sewers or each home come equipped with a high-tech septic system that removes most of the ... "

For entire article go to the Keynoter URL above.


Posted on February 28, 2002 - Commissioner Williams replies to Editorial by Tom Tuell

Letters to the editor of Key West Citizen "Sewer plant deal not back-room " writes Nora Williams, Monroe County Commissioner

"When The Citizen devotes two editorial columns in a single week to a single subject, it's usually a sign that you guys have gotten a wee dot unhinged on something. The error-filled commentary on the Hawk's Cay Development of Regional Impact is a perfect example.

And for those who haven't noticed that the same kinds of deals made with people The Citizen likes ... haven't generated a negative peep, be aware. "

ADDED 2004 - Viewing articles in the archives of was free in the past, Now it costs $1.25 per article to view. Links may have changes since 2002 and it may be necessary to use the newspapers website search feature to locate Commissioner Williams reply.




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