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Wastewater Information Update - Duck Key - May 2006

This information provided by the Duck Key wastewater Committee and DKPOA website.


Proposed time frame
The FKAA has provided us with the names of the companies selected to design the collection
system and plant expansion.

Collection System - Mathis (Palm Beach)
Plant Expansion - Brown and Caldwell
Anticipated Time Frame (remember we are in the Keys)
Design Phase : 6/06 - 12/06
Bid Phase : 1/07 - 3/07
Construction : 4/07 - 6/08

Hook Ups Begin : 6/08
When more information becomes available we will notify you."

Wastewater Information Meeting - Duck Key - April 2006

Section Two of this page provides information from the April 12, 2006 wastewater meeting with the Florida Keys Aquaduct Authority. This information was posted by the Duck Key Property Owners' Association on their website Section One contains information previously posted and is for your review.

ADDITIONALLY: Here is a link to a summary page of wastewater developments on Duck Key plus a links to information on the history of wastewater that has occurred on Duck Key during the period 2000 to recent time.

SECTION ONE - Information previuously posted on the dkpoa website


1. The Collection System - The CH (consulting firm) study indicates that the gravity system is the most economical, reliable and least intrusive. It is recommended and will be the one to be installed. Construction will be long and difficult.

2. The Hawks' Cay Plant - The plant will not be built with a design construct contract but will be designed first and then bid and constructed.

3. Reuse Water - The study indicated there is a $3 million grant required to make the reuse water economical. That grant has a good possibility so design of this reuse system will proceed with the design of the collection system and the replacement water mains.

The FKAA is proceeding on a Request For Proposal (RFQ) for an engineer to do the design of the plant, collection system, water supply and reuse water system. After that designer is selected and the design is complete the FKAA will go out for competitive bids on all the construction. Funds will have to be secured and then the contracts will be awarded and construction will begin.

The design will take most of 2006 so the earliest construction will begin in 2007; however, the issues after design is complete will be priorities and the availablity of funds. To date it is not clear when construction will actually begin. We, however, believe that the County wants to see Duck Key proceed with priority.

The cost to property owners (lot and house owners) on Duck Key is as follows:

1. Cost of Design - An MsSTU (special taxing district) was approved by the BOCC for 0.7 mil per property on Duck Key for 2007. This will be used for the design cost. It amounts to $350 for a property assessed at $500,000.

2. Cost of Plant Modification - Paid for by the County.

3. Cost of Collection System - A maximum of $4,500 per property will be paid by the property owner. The remainder will be paid by the County. The $4,500 can be paid over an extended period.

4. Cost of Hook Up - This will be paid by the house owner when the system and plant are completed. This historically has cost between $3,000 and $10,000 depending on the condition of the property and the infrastructure.

A meeting of all Duck Key property owners with the FKAA will be scheduled for the later part of March and you will be notified as soon as that date is determined.


SECTION TWO - FKAA Sewer Meeting 4/12/06

Staff from the FKAA, County, and Health Department participated in a presentation prepared for all Duck Key property owners.

Construction Costs:
Every house and lot owner will be assessed $4,500 to partially cover the cost of upgrading the treatment plant adjacent to Duck Key Marina and installing sewer pipes on our islands. The County has agreed to fund the remaining cost and to allow the assessments to be paid over time. The number of years allowed to complete payment and the interest rate to be charged have not yet been determined.
Only "buildable" lots will be assessed. If you have included more then one piece of property under a single deed the additional lot(s) will be considered "unbuildable" and the entire parcel will be assessed as a single lot.

House Owner Costs:
House owners will be responsible for closing down their septic tank and installing a connection from the house to the street. The distance from the house to the street and the number of landscape and infrastructure obstacles to be circumvented will impact the cost of installation;however, the average cost for both projects (tank and connection) should be around $3,000.
The FKAA will provide us with the names of reliable plumbing services and will give us thirty (30) days notice as to when we must hook up to the collection system. They suggest that we have the connection installed well before we receive the notice. That way we will not have trouble finding a reliable service or face higher "last minute" prices.
Monthly charges will be based on a flat fee and a usage estimate based on potable water consumption for the month. In order to adjust for irregation, the usage fee will not be calculated on more then 12,000 gallons. Seasonal residents will be charged the flat fee while away;however, if no potable water is consumed, they will not be subject to the usage fee. The estimated average monthly cost including the flat fee and usage is $65.

Other Construction:
The FKAA plans to lay new potable water pipes in order to improve the flow and increase our drinkable water pressure.
There is also the possiblility of reuse water pipes being installed and connected to our houses. The estimated cost of this project is $3.5 million and the FKAA has petitioned South Florida Water Management for a grant to cover the cost. SFWM may be willing to fund the project in order to reduce our consumption of potable water.If installed reuse water would be priced at 75% of potable water and, of course, be used for irregation and washing vehucles. An additional benefit would be the reduction of our consumption of potable water and the resultant reduction of the usage fee for wastewater treatment.
All pipes will be laid under paved roadways and will not disturb landscape and infrastructure now in the right of way. Additionally our toadways will be repaved as work is completed. At bridge crossings the pipes will be placed adjacent to the walls below each bridge and will not hang below the lowest point of the bridge. Vessel traffic will not be effected.
Lastly, "lift stations" will be installed towards the end of each island and before each bridge ceossing.
Due to the fact that we are in a flood zone, the station's control panel must be above ground. The height of the panels will vary according to the given zone in which they are located; however, five (5) feet appears to be a fair estimate of above ground exposure. They will be hidden by fences and plantings and at this time the FKAA can not (or will not) confirm where the stations will be located. We can assume that they will be placed in the right of way since purchasing lots for that purpose would be too expensive.

2006 will be dedicated to design of the treatment plant upgrade and the collection system. The FKAA hopes to break ground in or about April of 2007 and estimates that the project will take eighteen(18) months.

Questions: If you are in the process of building a house that will be completed before we have sewers and are interested in alternatives to installing a septic system or are interested in converting your septic tank to a cistern you should contact...

Camilo Perez
Enviornmental Specialist II
13367 Overseas Hwy.
Marathon, Fl. 33050
...for information and permitting needs.

If you have questions regarding the project in general or as it impacts you contact...

Julie Cheon
1200 Overseas Hwy.
Marathon, Fl. 33050
She will either have the answer or get it for you.

Additional meetings will be held and we will keep you informed.



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