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Duck Key Wastewater Advisory Committee

The Duck Key Wastewater Advisory Committee met with the FKAA on April 7. Jane Marter is the Chairperson. There are two representative from each island.

Reporter Travis Tritten of the Marathon Free Press quotes several individuals in the April 21, 2004 issue of the Free Press. The article indicated the Advisory Committee expressed concern at the meeting as to whether Hawk's Cay would pay its fair share of the Sewage System upgrade

Graywater Reuse
Residents are interested in the re-use of processed gray water the according to the article. The Marathon Free Press writes,

"Marter said that the proposed sewer project still is in its infancy and residents have questions, though there is general support for moving forward." . . .

"Residents also are interested in processed gray water, a useful buproduct of the planned sewer, she said" . . .

"Marter said there is concern that in years to come, water could become even more scare, making the possibility of getting gray water from the sewer more enticing."

"There are people here that have enormous gardens and they are very beautiful, she said"

According to FKAA Executive Director Reynolds the use of gray water will depend on the funding available to the wastewater project.

The Florida Keys Aquaduct Authority are now in negotiations with Hawk's Cay over how costs will be split when the current system is upgraded to meet the state's mandate for 2010 and (AWT) Advanced Wastewater Treatment.


Duck Key may tap into Hawk's Cay sewer system

BY TRAVIS JAMES TRITTEN Citizen Staff Writer DUCK KEY Duck Key residents are looking to Hawk's Cay Resort as a way to meet statemandated requirements to upgrade their sewer system. Residents are hoping to piggyback onto a major expansion of the Hawk's C...   (From Key West Citizen)





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