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Conch Key Fire Station, 10 S. Conch Avenue, Conch Key, Florida 33050

THURSDAY, AUGUST 12, 2004, 6:00 P.M. And TUESDAY, AUGUST 31, 2004, 6:00 P.M.

The purpose of the Public Hearings is for Revisions to FKAA Rules and Regulations relative to Wastewater Rates, Fees and Charges specific to the Conch Key Sub-district of the Conch Key/Duck Key Wastewater District.

Information is available upon request from Kathryn Ovide, Director, Executive Department, P.O. Box 1239, Key West, Florida 33040, 305 296-2454 Ext. 202, email:


I. Information from Jane Marter

On July 15, 2004 at 10:51am -0400, Ray Shimokubo <> wrote:


A utility coordination meeting for the Duck Key Wastewater System was held at the City of Layton City Hall on 14 July 2004 at approximately 1:35 pm. In attendance were those to whom the correspondence is addressed "To". Those "CC" were not in attendance, and are copied for information purposes. A summary of the topics cover is:

 * Scope of Work

The FKAA described the scope of the work that currently includes a gravity collection system and the potential of reclaimed water mains throughout the Duck Key neighborhoods, and a transmission system to the existing Hawks Cay treatment plant (WWTP). Schedule is dependent on the Hawks Cay WWTP upgrades, but anticipated that design would be in early 2005 with construction starting up in late 2005 lasting for ~ 12-months.


Ed Nicolle explained that FKAA's water mains are old, mainly 2-inch throughout the neighborhoods. Therefore, FKAA will replace the mains in this wastewater project with new 6-inch PVC water mains for improved service and fire fighting. Design needs to be coordinated with the sewer and reclaimed water mains designs.


John Dye of FKEC explained that service to the neighborhoods is by aerial/poleline. Power to the lifts stations: 3-phase on the "main" island however, the "oceanside islands" are single phase (220 V). It is not cost effective to route new 3-phase service to these islands. Power to WWTP: Aerial 3-phase is available and would accommodate the expected greater than 100 HP connected load. Slow/staggered equipment start up would be needed, and the transformer placed as close as possible to the WWTP.

 * Bellsouth

Jim Yeager of Bellsouth explained that service throughout the neighborhoods is aerial/poleline.


Kevin Baker of FDOT explained there are no facilities in Duck Key under FDOT's jurisdiction.


II. July 2004
Additional Information - two e-mail responses by Ed Nicolle, Distribution Design Manager as result of e-mail inquiries.


The majority of water mains on Duck Key were installed in 1973. There is presently a short piece of 8" water main that crosses the bridge on Bimini Drive, there it turns into a 6" C.I. main that loops a portion of Center Island and continues on to supply water to Plantation Island and Yacht Club Island VIA West and East Seaview Drive.

There are presently two subaqueous crossings one located appox. 300' East of Neptune St. on Plantation Island and the other located appox. 100' North of Melaleuca Street on Yacht Club Island.

The remainder of the streets have a 2" water main with a few small sections of 4". The PVC portion of these mains is Class 200 which is a thin wall pipe (a good product in it's day)and is considered substandard compared to today's C-900 PVC.


In order to provide Hydrants to the area a majority of the 6" mains will require being upgrading to 8" and the 2" mains will be replaced with 6" or 4" mains depending on their length and location. The subaqueous crossings will be eliminated.The permitting process makes a underwater pipe line next to impossible to construct. The Mains will be 8" along Bimini and West and East Seaview Drive to provide the flow necessary for the hydrants which will be more than enough for the domestic use.


 III. Information from the FKAA website

"The Board of County Commissioners was required under Chapters 163 and 380 of the Florida Statutes to develop and adopt a Comprehensive Plan for Monroe County.  After lengthy litigation through two separate Administrative Hearing Processes, the final adoption of the Monroe County 2010 Comprehensive Plan occurred on July 17, 1997.

The 2010 Plan requires that the County complete a Sanitary Waste Water Master Plan for the entire unincorporated area of Monroe County.  The 2010 Plan also requires that the County complete the development of a Waste Water Facilities Plan for the Marathon area and implement it by seeing that recommended wastewater facilities are constructed.

Because the County is not ideally suited to implement design and construction phases in either planning effort, the FKAA has an agreement with Monroe County wherein the County will identify priority areas and establish treatment plant sites.  Then, pursuant to FKAA Enabling Legislation established under the Laws of Florida (Chapter 76-441), the FKAA then steps in to implement the County's Plan by being responsible for the design, construction and operation of the area wastewater system."


IV. Additional Information on the FKAA website

Duck Key Wastewater Report

In March 2004, FKAA met with Duck Key residents to discuss implementing the Duck Key wastewater system.

On March 25, FKAA held a neighborhood meeting where residents voiced opinions and concerns over moving forward with the system. From that meeting, Duck Key formed a wastewater task force and requested that FKAA move forward with the system.

In April 2004, FKAA advised the BOCC of Duck Key's request, and also requested that the BOCC provide the needed funding of $150,000 in order to complete the preliminary information to develop a design build (D/B) document. The document would be suitable for proposers to submit qualification and cost proposals for designing and constructing the Duck Key wastewater collection system.

The wastewater would be collected in this system from Duck Key and sent to the Hawk's Cay wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) for treatment to advanced wastewater treatment (AWT) standards.

The timing of the project is fortuitous as through an agreement between Monroe County and Hawk's Cay, the Hawk's Cay WWTP was deeded to Monroe County who in turn has now deeded the WWTP over to FKAA. Thus FKAA is reviewing the potential of upgrading the WWTP to meet the AWT standards while serving Duck Key, Hawk's Cay, and Conch Key. Hence a central treatment facilities for the middle keys now is becoming a very viable and cost effective solution.


   Project Costs

Cost estimates are very preliminary at this point.  The cost estimate will be updated throughout the design of the project.

Construction Cost : $5,600,000.00

Equivalent Residential Connections (EDU's) : 385

Cost per EDU before grant funding : $14,500.00


 The Monroe County Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) recently designated $150,000 for the Authority to move ahead with planning for this project.  Otherwise, no grant funds are currently available for this project. We are closely monitoring activity at the state and federal levels to ensure that this project is included in any appropriations designated for wastewater.  The BOCC has said that it is committed to making wastewater projects in the County affordable and has contributed to other similar projects to reduce the cost per EDU.


 Project Schedule

The project schedule is as follows:

Develop D/B Documents August 2004

Proposals from D/B Firms December 2004

Construction with D/B Firm  Early 2005

Begin Construction Fall 2005


 For more information please contact the FKAA at (305) 296-2454 or e-mail us at: 











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