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Duck Key North : What's the attraction of the The Villages?

Duck Key residents Oscar and Joan Norris moved to a retirement community called The Villages in 2005. Vicki and Fred Bucholtz put their Duck Key home up for sale some time in the spring of 2006 and moved to The Villages the summer. Dick and Carole Holland recently bought a home in The Villages and have their Duck Key home up for sale. Another Duck Key island family is entertaining the idea of moving there as well.

According to one real estate observer, The Villages is “the fastest-selling retirement community in the history of Florida.”

Waht accounts for this growth and what could be their motivation for moving to the Villages? To hear folks talk it is the atmosphere, the activities, the entertainment, and the social life The Villages provides.

The Villages is a golf cart friendly community with special paths for residents to travel from place to place.

Below is an image of the Bucholtz's new golf cart:

Note the sign on cart above. "Sportsmen for HARRIS"

In the past two Presidential elections, the majority of Village residents have voted for the Republican candidate. The developer of the Villages and CEO, of the Villages of Lake-Sumter, Gary Morse, is a dominant figure within the Republican party and has been a major contributor to the campaigns of Jeb Bush and his brother President George W. Bush through the years.

Presidential politics: The Villages is in Sumter County. Residents of Sumter supported George W. Bush in the last two presidential elections. According to unofficial vote totals for 2004, Bush received 19,795 votes and John Kerry received 11,584 votes.

In the 2000 election, 12,127 residents voted for Bush and 9,637 voted for Gore.

In 2006 the majority of Sumter voter voted for Republican canadidates. As for Katherine Harris (REP), 14,485 voted for her Senate race, but 15,167 voted for
Bill Nelson (DEM).


The Villages website asks browsers to

"Remember enjoying good times while on vacation with family and friends? The excitement of what to do each day and the possibilities of tomorrow and wishing that it didn't have to end?

Life at The Villages is like being on a permanent vacation! Here you'll discover the perfect place to enjoy life as you've always dreamed.

Hometown Happenings

In the heart of every great community there’s a special place "where good friends gather for a great time."

The Villages offers residents small town charm and "turn-of-the-century squares" that "will make you feel like you've taken a step back in time to a simpler, more enjoyable way of life" where you are able to "stroll along the quaint streets... do some shopping, grab a bite to eat, see a movie . . . ."

For more on the idealic setting go to The Villages


Florida's Friendliest Hometown and Dance the Night Away!

The Villages advertizes that they are able to

" better serve its residents' needs without sacrificing . . . "intimacy". "By night or by day, you'll discover a world of play and the time of your life right here in The Villages."

"When the sun goes down, the fun comes up with free entertainment every night in the gazebo... simply relax and enjoy the music or dance the night away! All this can be yours as a Village resident."

A recent news article, "STDs Running Rampant In Retirement Community", suggests that some residents with the help of Viagra may be be doing more than dancing the night away "When the sun goes down", and "the fun comes up . . ."

Vicki Bucholtz after reading the news article on The Villages humorously commented, "After looking on the map of The Villages I would say they don't call it'' Florida's Friendliest Hometown'' for nothing! "

News Article and Links below:

The May 27, 2006 article entitled "STDs Running Rampant In Retirement Community" reports,

"Doctors said sexually transmitted diseases among senior citizens are running rampant at a popular Central Florida retirement community, according to a Local 6 News report.

A gynecologist at The Villages community near Orlando, Fla., said she treats more cases of herpes and the human papilloma virus in the retirement community than she did in the city of Miami."

For the complete article go to

Another site for news is

The article quotes a resident asking "Should I bring the little blue pills over tonight?".