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If you are a Robert or Judith, or Mary the popularity of your name is on a decline, but the name Grace is on the upswing.

The name Robert was very popular in the 1930s with over 26,000 boy babies named Robert for every milion babies born. Roberts's only account for about 3000 out of every million babies born today. Duck Key residents, Robert "Bob" Beacham, Robert Shearer, Robert Adams, Robert Kelly, Robert Heinrich, Robert Considine, Robert Delaney, Robert Dyer, Robert Kidney, Robert Lane, Robert Milligan, Robert Copeland, Robert Williams, Robert Watson, and Robert Zollo may have had a popular name once but many of today's parents consider the name Robert passe.


The name Grace as in "Gracey Beacham" is on the upswing. Popular in the 1880s with over 5300 babies named Grace for every million newborns, the name "Grace" gradually lost favor and reached its low point in the 1970s with only 200 girl babies given that surname for every million births. Thirty years later the name Grace has become increasingly popular with 3000 Graces named for every million babies born.

The name "Judith" as in Judy Adler, and Judy Lacko, was popular in the early 1940s ( over 6000 for every million), but today the name Judith is rarely used to name a girl baby (200 out of every million births) and seems to have fallen into obscurity. In the 40s, Judith was ranked as the 8th most popular girl name out of one hundred.

Mary was once a very popular name. We have a Mary Apkarian, Mary Moccia, Mary Ann Scherer, Mary Slawson, Mary Elphick, Mary Jo Hunt, Mary Beth Magenau, Mary Ann Wosenits and Mary Jablonski on Duck Key. For every million babies 30,000 plus were given the name Mary in the 1880s. Mary ranked number one out of the top one hundred names until the 1960s. Since that time the name Mary has declined in use to become the 63rd most popular name out of the top 100. There were only 1000 girl babies named Mary per miliion births in 2004. In 2004 Emily, Emma, Madison and Olivia rank one, two, three and four in popularity.


The top ten most popular names for males and females in 1960 are provided below:

In the 1930s through 1940s parents chose the name Richard 15,000 times for every million babies born. In 1960 Richard ranked number 8 as the most popular. Today the name Richard is chosen 1,000 times for every million.

David as in David Lyon, David Williamson, and David Wilson of Duck Key was the most popular male name in 1960. Michael as in Michael Barnard, Michael Jablonski, Michael Liermann, Michael Thompson, Michael Whitaker, has retained its popularity over the years. Ranked number 2 in 1960, Michael is still number two in 2004.

Jacob, Joshua, and Mathew for 2004 have replaced David, James and John.


To look up your name or the name of a friend go to on NameVoyagerYou'll be able to see how popular your name is and watch the popularity of its use rise and fall over the past century. The NameVoyager application requires that your browser is able to read the computer language called Java
Another interesting site on surnames is run by the Social Security Administration.



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