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Short-term Rentals on residential islands of Duck Key - September 2009

Much of the information on short term rentals which was posted in June 2009 has changed.

The short-term rental situation on residential Duck Key has improved to some degree, but three new listings with weekly availability have been added. Additionally one listing on Vista which we posted in the June 2009 is still advertised as avaiiable for short term stays on four sites. Another listing on Indies Drive since June has eliminated showing a weekly rate, but has added a nightly rate.



1. Four of the residential listings mentioned in June which advertised weekly rates now show only monthly rates. Properties located on Indies Drive, Vista Drive, and East Seaview Circle no longer show weekly rates. The botels on Center Island also posts only monthly rates.

2. The Marathon realtor mentioned in the June posting no longer has any connection with residential short term listings on Duck Key .

3 This home on Yacht Club previously advertised on no longer is advertised as renting by night or week.

old June screen shot

Now renters are provided with a monthly rate of $8000. New screen shot below.

4. Another rental on Yacht Club Island listed on May 28 at (Vacation Rental by Owner). which showed three day rates, weekly rates, 14 night and 21 day rates, and monthly rates now only shows monthly rates.

old screen shots from May 28, 2009


New screen shot below





Three residential properties not listed previously on the internet were listed in August as available on a weekly basis.

1. A residential home located at end of Harbour Drive is advertised at $875 nightly with a 7 day minimum ($7125) at

screen shots taken August 13, 2009


2. Another residential property on Harbour Drive was listed in August as renting at $3,500 a week on 4 sites.


A prior owner of this home was very active in eliminating short term rentals on Harbour Island.

screen shot August 13, 2009


3. A property on West Seaview Drive was recently advertised at $500 nightly and $3,500 for a week on four sites.

August screen shot

4. A residence on Vista Drive, Center Island which in early June having multiple listings of short term availability is no longer listed as available on and Additionally the property on now shows only a monthly rate.

The Vista Drive residence however, was advertised in August as a short term rental on four sites.

August screen shot

5. For one property on Indies Drive, ( the specifics detailing a weekly rates were removed, yet nightly rates were added.

old screen shots from June posting


new screen shot - August 2009



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