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KeyNoter Article on Conch Key sewage subsidy and Duck Key Wastewater District

Marathon and Big Pine Free Press February 18, 2004

February 2004


A February 14, 2004 article written by Alyson Matley in the KeyNoter entitled "FKAA wants sewer subsidy from county" reported that Monroe County Commissioners might use money that was originally earmarked for a decentralized wastewater project to reduce the cost to homeowners of the sewer project on Conch Key.

In addition Aqueduct Authority Director Jim Reynolds. is quoted as saying that costs will be kept down by utilizing the sewage treatment plant on Duck Key. "We're going to take the sewage to Hawk's Cay Resort", he said. "We have a commitment from them to be a member of our co-op. We think that the county may exercise their option to take the plant for $10, which was part of the development agreement."

In the year 2000, the owners of Hawk's Cay agreed to turn over the sewer plant to the county for $10 as part the expansion development agreement that led to the building of additional villas. The resort had previously agreed to turn over the sewer treatment plant to the County in 1987, but allowed that agreement to lapse. According to Reynolds, the current offer expires in June of 2004.

Commissioners will be asked at their Wednesday Key Largo meeting to approve assigning $1.3 million to the Bay Point and Conch Key projects.

KeyNoter story February 18, 2004


The Marathon and Big Pine Free Press reported on February 18, 2004 that the Aquaduct Athority concluded that it is less expensive to pump sewage from Conch Key to the existing Duck Key treatment plant than build a plant on Conch Key. The Florida Keys Aquaduct Authority estimates a savings of $1.37 million compared to constructing a plant on Conch Key.


Added February 20, 2004 - E-mail from Tamara Lundstrom, Executive Assistant and Commissioner David P. stated,

"The funding transfer of $1.3 million infrastructure monies to the Conch Key and Baypoint projects to offset these project costs was approved. These two projects have a fairly small number of EDU's (households) to spread out the costs, which made the hookups costs very expensive for the homeowners residing within these project areas.

As you may know, these funds were previously set aside for an EPA decentralized wastewater treatment system trial project which has since been voted down by the BOCC."


KeyNoter - February 21, 2004 - Yes, Conch Key sewage is coming to Duck Key AND County will move forward on option to take over the Duck Key Wastewater Treatment Plant. The news article states that the plant will serve the residents of Duck Key and Conch Key. CH2 MHill recommended its use in 2002 "as it would be less costly for the county, and the monthly charges for users would be less." The County will turn over its option to the Aquaduct Authority.

The Aqueduct Authority is asking for the funding so that homeowners' costs will be closer to the $2,700 threshold the commission set as an ideal cost. Without this subsidy, home owners in Conch Key could be facing up to $7,000 per household in sewer costs.

Director Jim Reynolds. is quoted as saying, "This would bring the cost down to around $4,700. We think the county may come up with more money in the following months to get those fees down to $2,700."

Projected sewer cost estimates in the Florida Keys so far are - Stock Island $4,100 per dwelling unit each, Little Venice in Marathon expenses at around $4,700 each.


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