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Siege of Duck Key

The advertisement shown below appeared in the Marathon Weekly dated November 8, 2008. The text of the ad suggests that the City of Marathon is constructing a "Trogan Horse" for the seige of Duck Key.



In a letter sent to Jason Koler, Editor/Publisher of the Keynoter I indicated that as a Duck Key resident, I was interested in determining what circumstances and motivation lead to the creation of the ad and the selection of the text "siege of Duck Key". I allowed for the possibliity that the ad was just humorous and not meant to suggest a forceful taking of Duck Key through annexation, but expressed a desire in learning any incites the editor might provide in this matter in order to educate of the Duck Key community.


Mr. Adler,

Thanks for writing in and reading the paper.

Marathon Lumber is recognized to have the highest quality lumber in South Florida, but not everyone knows their knowledgeable employees can help with any project.

Even if someone were to build a Trojan Horse.

To answer your question: the Trojan Horse is one of the more recognizable images of wood craftsmanship in all of history. (Stay tuned for an Ark!) We took the historical significance of Horse and tied it to a relevant situation with some humor. (Notice the Horse is on the 7 Mile Bridge.)

Please reassure your neighbors that the ad was designed simply to make people smile and I am sorry if we caused any Duck Key residents distress. I have spoken with several community leaders and I can assure you that while Marathon would welcome Duck Key with open arms, the annexation would probably be done through a referendum rather than a forceful takeover.


Jason Koler


Future Annexation by Marathon?

In July of 2008 the Keynoter reported that when former Mayor Chris Bull's term on the City Council comes to a close in November of 2008 Bull would like to pursue annexation of Duck Key, Conch Key and Sunshine Key by Marathon. The article entitled "Marathon Vice Mayor Chris Bull feels the city is ready to expand its boundaries nine years after incorporation", reported that the combined taxable value for fiscal year 2008 for Duck Key, Conch Key and Sunshine Key was more than $456 million. That assessment would have generated $649,824 in property taxes for Marathon in 2008 using their established millage rate.

Duck Key residents declined to become part of the City of Marathon when Marathon first considered incorporation. Any annexation of Duck Key would require that registered voters of Duck Key approve an ordinance of annexation passed by the Marathon City Council.


Florida Statute 171.0413  describes Annexation procedures.

"Any municipality may annex contiguous, compact, unincorporated territory in the following manner:Abstract: (2) Following the final adoption of the ordinance of annexation by the governing body of the annexing municipality, the ordinance shall be submitted to a vote of the registered electors of the area proposed to be annexed. The governing body of the annexing municipality may also choose to submit the ordinance of annexation to a separate vote of the registered electors of the annexing municipality. If there is any majority vote against annexation, the ordinance shall not become effective, and

 If more than 70 percent of the land in an area proposed to be annexed is owned by individuals, corporations, or legal entities which are not registered electors of such area, such area shall not be annexed unless the owners of more than 50 percent of the land in such area consent to such annexation. Such consent shall be obtained by the parties proposing the annexation prior to the referendum to be held on the annexation."

Then President of Duck Key Property Owners' Association Bill McKey reported to the membership that he declined to comment for the Keynoter article because, he felt that his personal opinion could be construed as that of the membership.







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