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Report from the Duck Key Options Committee - Summer 2000

Message from Chairperson, Carol Parker

The Options Committee would like to thank DKPOA for the use of their post office box. Using it the committee sent out 460 surveys and received replies from 192 property owners. The results follow:

Option #1: Remain with the County, 53 replies

Option #2: Annex to Marathon, 31 replies

Option #3: Move toward referendum, 64 replies

Option #4: Await more information, 44 replies

Forty property owners stated that they would assist in researching all the considerations both pro and con of moving toward a referendum. In order to do a comprehensive analysis we will be forming committees to proceed with the research. A meeting will be held on November 6, 2000 at 328 East Seaview Drive at 3:00 PM for those people who have expressed a desire to be involved with research. We will also have several meetings in the fall with experts in city planning, county government, etc., as well as reports from the committees. Thank you to all who have an interest in the future of Duck Key.


Option Committee Members

Carol Parker, Chairperson

Bill Hendrick
Vivienne Afshari
Vicki Bucholtz
Web Gokey
David Lyon
Vicki Shearer
Joan Norris
Kristen Brenner-Kriezman




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