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January 2005



In the mid 90s there were many homes for sale on Duck Key. At one point there were more than 70 very visible realty "For Sale" signs. Visitors seeing all the signs invariably would suspect the worst. Why were all those homes for sale? They became fearful of buying a home or property on Duck Key.

In 1996 Duck Key Property Owners Association representatives, Harvey Hortman and John Ghee, met with local realtors and developed a cooperative agreement as to the size, color and placement of real estate signs on Duck Key. This agreement has been followed with minor exceptions since that date.

You may have noted that signs on Duck Key are placed parallel to the road, and reduced in size - characteristics which make the "For Sale" signs more pleasing to the eye.

Residents of Duck Key are appreciative of the continued support that realtors have given in following this policy. Brokers also are to receive praise for their cooperation. Duck Key is a better looking community thanks to the signage agreement and the cooperation of real estate agents.

Island residents have had a beautification committee since the start up of the Duck Key Property Owners' Assocition. Trees have been planted and residents participate annually in an Island Cleanup Day. We care about how our community looks.

As of late a few real estate agents who are not local have not followed the agreement . Be sure to thank your local realtors for keeping our island looking nice and for continued support of the island signage agreement.

Look at the signs in our community and notice the real estate signs in other communities.

Instead of gallows shaped signs with a hanging placard placed perpendicular to the road Duck Keys realty signs are unobtrusive.

Express your gratitude. Give our local realtors a "Thank You" for keeping our island beautiful. While you may not be selling your home now, let them know you plan to support local realtors that take an interest in the appearance of the community.



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