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E-Mail Letter from George Nuggent

As commissioner I'm one who, to my knowledge, has never been correctly accused of being pro-growth. During my campaign, over three years ago, I expressed my concern about the exploding population in the South Florida region and the growing number of visitors visiting the Keys. I opposed the unbridled vacation rental operations going on throughout the Keys that were destroying the sanctity of our neighborhoods. I support the tightly regulated plan of the Rate Of Growth Ordinance, known as ROGO that inhibits the amount of growth that can take place in Monroe County.

However, as someone who took an Oath of Office to defend both the State and Federal Constitution, I am compelled to, by promise and law, respect the Property Rights of landowners.

Although the County Commission approved unanimously the DRI for Hawk's Cay, that was brought before the Commission by Mr. Singh - it was challenged successfully by the Department of Community Affairs. Those who argued against the DRI prevailed, I respect that.

Then, the Dept. of Community Affairs entered into a settlement agreement with Mr. Singh/Hawk's Cay that, allowed for the transfer of units (referred to as transferable development rights) to the property. I would point out this was between the State and Hawk's Cay.

I personally can understand the concern residents have for additional development on Hawk's Cay, I do also, however, to me, this is a property rights issue.

The only thing I found attractive about this project from the beginning were the benefits to Duck Key i.e., new roads, off island collection system for waste water, bike paths, street lights, etc.

Because I have several friends that live on Duck Key, when I heard of this proposal, I invited Mr. Singh, John Wolfe, June Helbling, Adam Mink to a meeting to discuss the benefits of this project for Duck Key residents andto make sure promises would be kept. I've never done anything "out of the sunshine" concerning this project. I've tried to keep my feet in the residents shoes all the way.

The arguments I've heard about not needing wastewater treatment just don't hold water, the State has mandated Monroe County will provide Advanced Wastewater Treatment for everyone. The most economical, and just about only, way to provide this treatment is with a central collection system.The most economical way to provide this treatment is to use an existing, already sited system. I would shudder to think how much controversy would come from trying to find a site ON Duck Key for a collection system. And, in light of the fact that we have $1.78 million dollars of federal money and an already existing $2 million dollar system, to throw into the pot to help reduce the cost, it just seems to me that, this makes this proposal that much more logical to do.

I'm truly convinced that if the emotion of Mr. Singh's involvement be backed out of the discussion - you would see that there are many more benefits than drawbacks.

with kind regards, I remain



George R. Neugent





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