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Mosquitoes In The Florida Keys: First Instance of Mosquitoes carrying Equine Virus found


More than 40 species of mosquitoes have been found in the Florida Keys. However, only a few of these cause problems for Keys' residents.

The majority of complaints registered by residents of the Keys is due to the black saltmarsh mosquito. This mosquito can be found between Texas and the New England States and can cause quite a bite day or night.

The southern house mosquito is also found in the Florida Keys as well as throughout the southern half of the United States. As its name implies this mosquito will enter people's homes and annoy at night with its buzzing sound and its bite. The southern house mosquito can transmit West Nile virus and St. Louis encephalitis.

In 2005 health authorities reported the first instance of of eastern equine encephalitis in the saltmarsh mosquitoe. Traps set on Little Pine Key and at Big Pine Key tested positive for eastern equine encephalitis, the first time the Saltmarsh mosquitoe has been documented as a carrier — anywhere in the world.

Presently, health officials think this occurrance of eastern equine encephalitis in the saltmarsh mosquitoe is a rare case. "It's not a huge scare," an official of Mosquitoe Control is quoted in the news. "The [saltmarsh] mosquito does not seem to us to be a very good vector of the disease."

Eastern equine encephalitis can cause illness in humans. Three cases occurred in Florida in 2005, none of them in the Keys. In the United States, 163 human cases have been confirmed scince 1964.




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