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Jimmy Hendricks and Duck Key


Summer 2005

Former County Attorney Jim Hendrick was indicted May of 2005.

What does the recent indictment of Jim Hendricks for alleged obstruction and witness tampering have to do with Duck Key? Possibly nothing, but the Federal subpoenae did include a request for documents relating to the Hawk’s Cay Resort expansion.

The Federal subpoenae requested not only county documents pertaining to the approval for redeveloping the old Hall’s Fishing Camp in the mid-1990s, but also requested paperwork related to Singh’s Hawk’s Cay Resort development.

In 2003 the Concerned Citizens of Duck Key group was critical of Hendricks because of his involvement with a proposal that would have had Pritam Singh and several others build a sewer system for Duck Key in exchange for the County granting the right to construct additional cottage units on a section of Hawk’s Cay property. Opposition to the wastewater plan led to Singh building the cottages through the transfer of development rights in Marathon.

One local news writer has speculated that former County Commissioner Jack London must have provided information to Federal investigators which led to the indictment. Hendrick was arrested shortly after the Feds dropped most charges against London. London still must face a charge of filing a false income tax return for not declaring a $29,000 bribe which was part of the alleged deal leading to redevelopment of Hall’s Fishing Camp.

A news report stated “Singh must produce employment and financial records on Hendrick and his former colleagues Karen Cabanas and Ralf Brookes. The records include bills received and money paid to the attorneys”

Dave Whitney of the Independent, a community newspaper for the Key Largo area, wrote in May of 2005,

“ . . . we’ll just have to wait and see what else, or who else, London gives up to save his butt and whether or not Hendrick will go down in silence or begin singing like a canary and start tumbling the house of cards we have always suspected existed around some of the deals the London/Hendrick political cabal put together.”

Hendrick was released on bail after pleading not guilty to the charges.



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