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Change in ISM Designation for Duck Key?


The Duck Key residential community has been zoned ISM - Improved Subdivision Masonary for more than a decade.

In 1988 the Duck Key Property Owners' Association worked hard to restore the masonary-only designation after it was inexplicably rejected by the State Department of Community Affairs.

With the support of Commissioner Puto the masonary-only designation became the basis for reviewing all building permits by the Building Department for Duck Key from that time on.

Recently residents have observed several homes under construction which utilize in part wood construction for supporting walls. Note image.


Upon making inquiry of the Building Department on the permitting of said structures it was learned that a memorandum from Carolyn Licausi, Supervisor of Plantation Key explained that

"Marlene has determined that the State Building Code supercedes Sec. 9.5-242 of the LDR's requiring masonary construction in ISM subdivisions.

However, the County will require . . . that any new construction have a masonary facade, such as stucco."

Memorandum from Carolyn Licausi, Supervisor of Plantation Key






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