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The Future of Hawk's Cay - Northview Hotel Group in a joint venture with its partners Dallas-based Behringer Harvard and Five Star Realty Partners LLC, has bought Hawk's Cay. Renovations and H-2B Seasonal Workers

Previously in summer of 2006 rumors had circulated that Cay Clubs was a possible candidate for buying Hawk's Cay Resort. Additionally there was talk of the Blackstone group possibly acquiring Hawk's Cay. See earlier Rumors

During the month of November 2006, rumors circulated that the Northview Hotel Group was interested in purchasing Hawk's Cay Resort from the Barrington Group. Other than to say that Hawk's Cay Resort had a serious potential buyer, no one had gone on the record as to what group or party was interested in acquiring Hawk's Cay, and those who did know anything had agreed to keep the information confidential. See Northview

In February of 2007, the President of the Hawk's Cay Village Association Vince Bianco, was informed by Don Johnson, former President of the resort, that the sale was completed on Friday, February 16, 2007.

A press release from Behringer Harvard announcing details of the sale appears below:

Hawk’s Cay Joint Venture with Northview Hotel Group and Five Star Realty
Plans Substantial Renovation
DALLAS, February 21, 2007 – Behringer Harvard announced today that it has acquired a majority interest in the well-known Hawk’s Cay Resort in the Florida Keys. The company and its joint venture partners – Northview Hotel Group and Five Star Realty Partners LLC – intend to redevelop Hawk’s Cay to compete with the finest destinations along the U.S. coast. The unique resort has been independently owned and operated for the past 24 years.
“Hawk’s Cay has one of the top oceanfront resort locations in America.  Our goal with the planned renovation is to create a four-star experience, from the public areas and guestrooms down to the landscaping and amenities,” said Robert M. Behringer, founder and CEO of Behringer Harvard. “Among the advantages Hawk’s Cay will have over its regional competitors are its extensive meeting space, its impressive amenity package and its self-contained island setting.”
“Five Star and Northview have significant experience with hospitality properties and the ability to recognize value-add and opportunistic investments with high upside potential,” said Behringer.  “We look forward to working closely with them on redeveloping this asset.”
Hawk’s Cay Resort is located on Duck Key Island, approximately 60 miles north of Key West and 90 miles south of Miami. The resort features 177 guest rooms; 297 privately owned villas, the majority of which participate in a rental management program; 25,000 square feet of meeting space; and 10,000 square feet of office and retail space.  Amenities include five restaurants, a resort bar, five swimming pools, a 7,000 square foot spa, a 52-slip full service marina, tennis courts and a premier children’s program.
Hawk’s Cay offers guests world-class fishing, snorkeling, scuba diving, parasailing and other watersports activities, plus “Dolphin Discovery,” a program that provides interactive and educational dolphin experiences for guests.
The joint venture partners plan to undertake an extensive renovation and re-branding strategy for the resort.  Northview will head up the redevelopment efforts and operate the property going forward.


March 2007


The Northview Hotel Group has indicated it plans to close parts of the Hawk's Cay Resort over the summer to begin 27 million dollars of renovations. The Hotel group does not anticipate displacing a lot of business.

Since it employs many hotel workers from overseas, resort management believes it will be able to schedule work around work visas for their H-2B workers and employee furloughs during the fall months.

The resort employs many H-2B workers. H-2B workers hold a visa that allows them to work for one employer on a temporary basis. After their contract period ends, H2B workers must return to their home country. They may seek employment the following year if they wish to return.

Hawlk's Cay was one of the first businesses in the Keys to fill their employee needs with seasonal foreign labor. In 2005 the resort housed 110 H-2B workers from overseas in dormitories.