duck key

An Information Guide to Duck Key in the Florida Keys



























In February 208 (Hawks Cay News February 2008) we noticed that the Hawks Cay Resort website projected two very different images of Duck Key on their website. The website remains unchanged as of March 2009.

Beside the obvious color differences and the distance and different angles the images were captured at, the first image shows doctoring. Can you identify what is missing?



The pictures suggest that the viewer should "Surround yourself with what matters most." In the top image, Harbour Island has been replaced entirely (photoshopped out) with ocean. Residents of Harbour Island might argue that what matters most is being able to see their island. Also gone in the top image is Utility Island and the Tom's Harbour Islands.


To be fair, we make note that other images on the resort website do not photoshop out Harbour Island.

Two aerial images from the Hawks Cay website are provided below. Names identifying Harbour Isand, Utility Island and the Tom's Harbor Islands have been added to the first image by us..


You can also see Harbour Isand, Utility Island and the Tom's Harbor Islands in the background of the second image.