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Hawk's Cay News - Old and New - Posted February 2006

Recent items appearing on the internet about Hawk's Cay.

1. Boat slip Auction - Online auction for owners of Hawk's Cay Villas - bidding started at $175,000 USD for boat slip #25 on Lake Lucille.

The auction will began on Monday, January 23, 2006 at 8:00 am eastern time, and was scheduled to end on Friday, January 27, 2006 at 3:00 pm eastern time. The link was still active on February1, 2006.

Direct any questions you may have to A.R. Barrington at 305-743-7000 or A./R. Barrington is the son of Bruce Barrington. Bruce Barrington is one of the principle owners of the resort.

Prices on Hawk's Cay Properties - Hawk's Cay Village properties (villas) start around $700,000 and climb to over $1,200,000. One large unit by the Marina lists for $2,100,000. At ther end of January 2006 there were about 70 units for sale if the Village, Marina condo, and Santuary properties are grouped together. That's about 20 percent of Indies Island units. Prices might indicate a seller's market, but the number for sale might portend a buyer's market. Time will tell.

There are similar units, but more upscale (currently 19 units for sale out of 79 total) at the Singh development, Tranquility Bay. Prices vary with location and start at $859,000. Thirteen units are selling in the $1,200,000 to $1,600,000 range.

2. Hawk's Cay listed on Ebay - Recently there have been several online auctions of accommodations at Hawk's Cay Resort on Ebay. In one auction for a 2 night stay bidding started at $275.

The details stated

"Three days and two nights accommodations at the Hawks Cay Resort, Duck Key, Florida for two adults and up to and including two children. First morning American breakfast for two, 35mm camera and a phone card, 18 holes of golf for two, one year's "Golf Access" membership with up to 50% off at over 1400 USGA golf courses, One year's membership in "Great American Travelers", the world's premier travel club, with up to 50% off at 4000 hotels, Two for one cruise voucher: Sail away on your choice of 12 Carnival Cruise itineraries, Air check vouchers: discount coupons good for domestic and international flights, vacations are fully transferable, valid for one year with travel beginning January 1, 2006 thru January 1, 2007, and there are no surcharges or deposits required. All proceeds benefit the Edgar and Marion Beck Foundation for Neurological Research."

Only one brief reference to the Edgar and Marion Beck Foundation was found on Google.

A search for "Great American Travelers" leads to by a circuitous route. Coastal Vacations offers a discount travel membership package.

A more recent auction from a different source showed a Hawk's Cay Resort gift certificate for a three night stay in a villa starting at $500. The EBay listing stated

"This auction is for one Hawk's Cay Resort Gift Certificate. This certificate entitles the bearer to a 3 night/4 day stay at a Conch Villa. This offer is only valid from May 1 to Decemember 15, 2006 on a Sunday thru Thursday only stay. Reservations are required and are subject to availability. Certificate is not valid during holidays or special events. The original certificate must be presented at time of use."

The posted resort rack rates for Villas including the Bungalow, Conch, Conch Spa, Marina, Cottage, 3 bedroom cottage, Sanctuary and Executive range from

1/2/06 - 4/29/06 - $515 to $1400
4/30/06 - 12/21/06 - $449 to $1000

3. Hawk's Cay - $4.79 for a "gently used" shopping bag?

For some time now folks have been buying used Tiffany Gift Boxes on Ebay to hold jewelry gifts. Several Tiffany presentation boxes and velvet jewelry pouches together with a Tiffany & Co. care of sterling silver guide would sell for around $16 or more.

The Hawk's Cay Store off the lobby of the resort provides customers with shopping bags. An ebay listing for January 20, 2006 showed someone identified as "Babyseeds" selling a "gently used" Hawk's Cay shopping bag for a Buy It Now fee of $1.99. The seller who has an ebay store writes

"Hawk's Cay Marathon FL Plastic Shopping Bag Tote 18X18
My shopping bags are all gently used but still look good!
Canadian buyers $.30c extra shipping
Overseas buyers please contact me for shipping
. . . Please check out my eBay store for further selections of CLOTHES, ASSESORIES, JEWELRY & MORE at GREAT PRICES! . . .
Enjoy your bidding & browsing!

You also have to pay $1.50 for shipping and as an option you can insure the mailing of the Hawk's Cay shopping bag for an additional $1.30

That's $4.79 for a Hawk's Cay shopping back!


4. Hawk's Cay and Health Department - Many Duck Key residents use Hawk's Cay dining facilities. The Water's Edge Restaurant and the Porto Cayo Restaurant are island favorites.

On February 16, 2006 Duck Key ladies joined with close to 200 Florida Keys' women at a luncheon at Hawk's Cay to raise money as part of the Voices for Children Organization. Previously Voices had been known as the Guardian Ad Litem Guild. The luncheon got great reviews.

During the summer month of June some folks got sick after eating at Hawk's Cay and as luck would have it those that got ill were twelve Monroe County Health Department employees . It should be noted that the Florida State Department of Health found no specific cause for the alleged food poisoning incident. The health department found no identifiable pathogen after testing the foods that the 12 people who got sick ate. Suspected were salad ingredients but the level of any contaminants found was quite low.

Michael Welber of The Knight-Ridder Tribune and Florida Keys Keynoter, wrote

All eighty-some members of the Monroe County Health Department were meeting at Hawk's Cay for a two-day session in mid-June. Everyone had just eaten a lunch prepared by the Hawk's Cay banquet kitchen when some began suffering symptoms of what appeared to be food poisoning. No one else became ill and none of those who did ended up in the hospital.

The reporter also stated "The Department of Business and Professional Regulation, which inspects the kitchens of hotels and resorts, also took a look at Hawk's Cay after the report came in but found no violations."

For particulars go to Michael Welber, Florida Keys Keynoter

5. Sources report that Don Johnson, long time President of Hawk's Cay and part of the other Barrington Investment Group has retired and his interest bought out.

6. A link to more than 150 guest reviews of Hawk's Cay through TripAdvisor. Some folks loved it, some did not. In fairness should you check other premier resorts such as Cheeca Lodge in Islamorada and the Casa Marina in Key West you'll also find comments pro and con.