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Friends of the Marathon Library - 2005 Books and Coffee Series


Jane Marter, President of the Friends of the Marathon Library had the Winter 2005 Schedule of the Books and Coffee events sent to Duck Key Online. It is posted for island residents who might be interested in attending.


Friends of the Marathon Library


St. Columba Episcopal Church, Parish Hall

52nd St., Gulf

Thursday afternoons - 1:00p.m. to 3:00p.m.



January 6

Matt Lawrence's "Dying To Get Here" is the story of the

Robaina family's heroic struggle to cross the cross the

Florida Straits to escape Castro's oppression, no matter

what the risk. Lawrence flew rescue missions with Freedom

Flight International and Brothers To the Rescue for

eighteen months and witnessed hundreds of Cubans rowing in

rafts or inner tubes, many drowned or were eaten by



January 13

Always spellbinding, Tom Corcoran will talk about three of

his favorite books, "Remembering Ernest Hemingway" by

Plath & Simons, "Key West Collection" by Dorothy Raymer,

and "The Young Wrecker on the Florida Keys" by Richard

Meade Bache. Tom will also read from his soon to be

published Florida mystery novel, "Air Dance Iguana."


January 20

Key West artist, writer and dancer, Judi Bradford will

show slides of key West in 1980-84 before tourism took

over. Judi will also sign copies of "Lizard Licks: A

Comic History of Key West in the 1980s", a collection of

her comic strips published in Solares Hill Newspaper from

1984 t0 1994.


January 27

Key West writer, poet and Miami Herald columnist Michael

Suib will read some of his humorous yet touching essays

about querky life in Key West. Suib will also sign copies

of his book, "Confessions of A Key West Cabby."


February 3

Key West Disk Jockey, radio personality and satirist, Bill

Hoebee will read some of his bitingly hilarious "Key Weird"

columns published every Thursday in the Key West Citizen.

Hoebee's work will soon be published in Grntlemen's

Quarterly. Bill has a radio program from 5:00 a.m. to 10:00

a.m. Monday through Friday on WAIL 99.5 F.M. This presentation

will be at Kirk of the Keys.


February 10

James Born, the chief of the Broward County district of the

Florida Department of Law Enforcement, has written "Walking

Money", an exciting, well written crime novel set in South

Florida Full of great characters and lots of plot twists, this

novel is sure to grab your attention.


February 17

Always a favorite, renowned Tampa humorist and mystery writer

Tim Dorsey will entertain us with his latest wacko Florida

novel," Torpedo Juice." Yes, Serge A. Storm is back and this time

and this time he brings his brand of chaos to our Florida Keys.


February 24

Popular Key Colony Beach lady and bright spirit, Irene Rhoda

will tell us about the national bestseller, "The Devil In the

White City," an historical thriller about Chicago's "Jack the

Ripper" set in the Columbia Exposition otherwise known as the

1893 Chicago World's Fair. This presentation will be at Kirk

of the Keys.


March 3

Charming and ebullient, our much loved Jo Lee Scarborough

will review Jon Meacham's "Franklin and Winston, An Intimate

Portrait of An Epic Friendship."


March 10

Born and bred in Old Virginia, key West author Ranny

Fitzgerald will read from her short stories, "The Pink

Paper", "The Gift" and "Come With Me", and tell us about the

novel she is currently writing about growing up in the South

during the sixties.


March 17

The fascinating and learned Roland Fisch, Professor of

Anthropology and Education at Florida Keys Community College,

will discuss the momentous lives of five African Americans

who lived in Florida before the Civil War.


March 24

Key West author Barbara Bowers will read from and sign her

latest book, "Cats I Have Known." Bowers pairs the behavior

and personality traits of felines who live on her property

with those of the "human cats who come and go". A must read

for those who love cats and Key West!



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