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Three Letters to KeyNoter editor on oversight error on placement of dwellings on Greenbriar Drive.


housing units at Hawk's Cay

Not according to Code - Employee housing on Greenbriar Drive


1. September 22, 2004 Letter to Editor of KeyNoter

Developer gets special treatment

"Even the casual observer will realize with a quick drive by that something or someone looked the other way when the big-time developer was putting up, again, more units."



2. Wednesday, September 1, 2004 10:04 AM EDT

Inspector plays favorites

"How this setback violation on Duck Key was ignored attests to the fact that we are not all treated equally."



3. August 27, 2004

Treat all development equally

" . . . Monroe County admitted making a zoning mistake on Greenbriar Road on Duck Key and a developer benefitted . . . "







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