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Workman in shoulder high ground water measuring for installation of wastewater pipe.


Florida Keys Aquaduct Authority Public Hearing - Dec. 14th, 2011

The Florida Keys Aqueduct Authority held its 2nd Public Hearing at Hawks Cay Resort on December 14th at 4:00 pm.  The purpose of the Public Hearing is to present and discuss proposed revisions to FKAA rules and regulations specific to wastewater rates, fees and charges. Hawks Cay is located at 61 Hawks Cay Blvd. Duck Key, FL 33050


November 2011 Wastewater and Treatment Plant Update by Roger Marriott

Welcome back to the sunshine.......and the muddy roads and construction plates. The project is proceeding exceptionally well, ahead of schedule and under budget. Comments on the various phases follow;
please see the map below for the locations by phase.

The treatment plant is complete and is functioning well, producing output of a quality very significantly better than the required
standards. It is currently running at less than half capacity, awaiting flows from the residential islands. We are fortunate to have such a state of the art system, and if you would like to take a tour give Toni Appell (an FKAA Director) a call and she will arrange it. I found it fascinating. Incidentally the plant has full standby generator capability with a 30 day fuel supply. A plant
dedication ceremony will be held at some future, as yet undetermined date. DKPOA will keep you informed.

These phases are underway and the rest of the pipe should be in by Christmas. Installation of the pump stations and restoration work will
take until the end of February 2012 at which point the road will be surfaced with an initial layer of asphalt. This will give us an entirely acceptable surface but with manhole covers etc left proud pending final resurfacing at the end of the entire project in late 2013. Final resurfacing has to wait since there is the possibility of damage from heavy equipment during phases 4,5 and 6.

This phase is complete awaiting only certification and final road resurfacing which will happen in the next few weeks. Final resurfacing
is possible since Harbor Island will not be impacted during the remaining phases. Those of you who wonder what a pump station looks
like or want to admire our new roads can do so here!

These phases are now funded; bid packages will go out in December 2011 with bid openings at the end of January 2012. Construction is slated to start in April or May 2012 with completion in late 2013. Rumors concerning possible redesigns/vacuum systems etc are unfounded and should be ignored.

This phase will go out to bid in the summer of 2012 with completion during mid to late 2013.

It is anticipated that the first of the so-called 30 day notices, requesting homeowners to hook into the sewer system, will be mailed in early to mid March 2012. These mailings will be phased over time in order to smooth the workload.

The FKAA will hold a homeowners meeting in late January or early February 2012 to provide details, and a separate meeting for those
knowledgeable and courageous enough to wish to do their own hookups. Prior to this DKPOA's laterals committee will provide its recommendations and details of discounts which have been negotiated with various contractors.

The FKAA will hold another meeting in March for homeowners in phase 7 who will be utilizing the alternative low pressure system.

Based on its operating experience and on economies of scale the FKAA has revised its earlier proposed charges. The fixed charge per month will be reduced from $49.42 to $26.26 and the variable cost per thousand gallons increased from $7.71 to $9.94, capped at 10,000 gallons rather than 12,000 gallons. The overall effect will be a decrease of about 20% for an average user and 30% for a light user.

Snowbirds will see a decrease of 47% for those months when they are not here. Recycled water will continue to be charged at 70% of potable
water cost and will not count against sewer usage. Rates will be uniform for all service districts.




Harbour Drive sewer piping

Duck Key utility installation
Indies Drive wastewater project