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1. Meeting called to order @ 9:04 a.m.


Board Members
Torn Neville, Chairperson
Billy Wagner
Jerry Fortier
Dennis Kulig
Absent - Dennis Wooten

Excused - Donna Flammang

Invited Guests
Captain Chad Scibilia, MCSO
Judy Clarke, Assistant County Engineer
Michelle Kolby, Pres.Villa's Horne Owners Assoc. Simon Leird, Duck Key Security Jeff Elseser, Acting Manager Hawks Cay

Others Present Merlynn Boback, Sandy McCormick, Robert McCormick, Loren Eggenbraten, Robin Neville, Sec

a) All welcomed. New Board Member Billy Wagner was introduced, and Donna Flammang was reelected to Board.
b) Board asked to suggest a new board member to replace Brian Walsh who recently resigned.

3. Read and Approve Minutes - tabled until next meeting.

4. Sheriffs Report
Chad Scibilia Gave an overview of crime reports. Abandoned vehicles, accidents, arrests. and thefts.
Gave an update on Hotel Theft, where the property management office, Dive shop and ATM
break in, no one arrested to date, however, DNA evidence was found at the scene.

Golf Cart Statute information was presented. Since we are deemed a Golf Cart Community, we are allowed to drive golf carts on the Island but only from sunrise to sunset. No one under the age of 14 is allowed to operate a golfcart.

No insurance or liability coverage is required by statute.

Torn Neville suggested that no one drive at night until the County Commission responds to a request that we be permitted to drive at night provided we are in compliance with specs for after dark driving, i.e., lights, head lights, taillights, break lights, turn signals per statute.

Questions came up, How many people allowed on a golf cart, Chad Scibilia stated not stipulated in the statute but common sense prevails.

The statute was given to Tom NevilleTom requested that anyone wanting to review crime reports to send their e-mail address to

Tom Neville brought up an issue of regulations of helicopters landing on lots on center island a few weeks ago. A copy of a letter was given to Chad Scibilia from a concerned homeowner that was sent to the Sheriffs office and cc'd to Tom. Discussion ensued about FAA and regulations National Guard regulations regarding this matter. Capt. Scibilia will check into this matter, and report back at the next meeting.

5. Old Business
a) Security Cameras - Judy clarke-presented the update. Viacom (a Security Camera Company) was here approximately a year ago, initially the equipment was being considered to be housed on Indies Island. The Board has since decided to have the location on the residential side. There was also discussion of not waiting for the sewer project, because of not knowing exactly when this will take place. Judy Clarke stated, all of the recommendations from the DKSAB need to be approved by the County Commissioners. Michelle Kolby, stated Indies Island is still considering a welcome booth/Sheriff substation at the entrance of Duck Key. Tom Neville found an old lease for the property at the base the Truman Bridge in the archives. This proposal was turned down due to opposition from two homeowners. Therefore, the plans were never formalized. Tom Neville gave the information to Dennis Kulig to research and report back to the committee.

b) Bridge Walkway - Judy Clarke gave an update. She stated that some residents were not pleased with the architectural design. Also, discussion took place on transition from the current sidewalks to the bridge walkway. Dennis Kulig presented pictures of a design from Chappy's restaurant as an idea to limit traffic.

c) Speeding on the Island concerns voiced that area should be patrolled at different times to prevent this, Capt. Scibilia will follow up.

6. New Business
Tom Neville discussed Fire/Rescue services. Marathon wanting to provide Duck Key with their services and would like to discuss this further with residents. Tom Neville asked for a motion to have Hawks Cay Host the meeting for the good ofthe community. Billy Wagner motioned for this, and Dennis Kulig seconded all approved. Michelle Kolby to follow up with Hotel.

Billy Wagner gave history of Conch Key Fire Station, the concerns of low construction. Also concerns that Duck Key Residential Island has no fire hydrants, and the lack of access to water supply due to the increase of home construction. Tom Neville stated that Marathon Fire/Rescue has a temporary station located on Grassy Key. Some discussion ensued about the lack of response from Conch Key Fire.

Robert McConnick - requested an increase of security presence to patrol both lots as well as
homes for trespassers who may be fishing or and using the property. He also requested to
increase patrol of ATV's riding on public roads as well as at Club Duck Key. Capt. Scibilia
urged that citizens call the Sheriffs Office non-emergency number for these type of concerns.
The Number for NON-Emergencies MCSO is 289-2430.
The Duck Key Security Number is 684-0069 or 684-0033.

Jerry Fortier questioned whether reclaimed water could be used in fire hydrants. Judy Clarke
stated she is also in charge of this project and will find out this possibility when new water and sewer lines are installed.

Jeff Elseser from the Resort arrived and was introduced to the Board and Residents.
Billy Wagner announced that Hurricane Season is here and we all must be aware of evacuation plans and what they mean to the lives and safety ofthe community. When to stay and when to evacuate. Citizens must remember post storm, if any bridges are destroyed it will be a minimum of 3-5 days before anyone can come to help or respond to any emergencies.

Capt Scibilia stated that post storm there is an officer assigned per square mile to ensure adequate

Budget was distributed and Tom reviewed there were no questions.

Tom Neville reported, Duck Key Security Co. Contract will be expiring soon and will go out for bid. This info will be distributed to the board as it becomes available.
The board will increase security during mini-lobster season as has been practiced in the past.

Hawks Cay also increases their security.

Billy Wagner asked Judy Clarke about the status of the main bridge to Duck Key which is in ill repair. She stated it is on the list for repair.

Jerry Fortier states that the Overseas Highway Heritage Trail Fishing piers appear to be in need o f better maintenance, i.e., trash etc. Capt. Scibilia stated he will request the patrolling officers to to enforce the current rules and regulations.

Meeting Adjourned @10:35 am

Next Meeting TBA

Respectfully submitted

Tom Neville, Chainnan

RN, sec.



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