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MINUTES OF MEETING - February 17, 2009

Minutes of meeting February 17, 2009

Board members present:
Tom Neville, Dennis Kulig, Dennis Wooten

Invited Guests:
Capt. Chad R. Scibilia was representing the Monroe Co. Sheriff's Dept.

Call To Order
At 0905 the meeting was called to order at 126 Bimini Dr. Duck Key.

11 members of the community were in attendance.

Minute Approval
The minutes of the meeting of May 27, 2008 were read and approved.

Mr. Neville called for nominees for a vacancy on the board but there were none. The Board is still seeking a person interested in this position and would prefer that they be a year round member of the community.

Old Business
Mr. Neville mentioned that Judy Clarke was scheduled to be at the meeting but was tied up with the Congressional Stimulus Package.

Security Cameras
1 Discussion took place regarding the amount of space required for the equipment controlling the cameras.
2 At this point it was mentioned that the County needs to bid the camera project and select a contractor.
3 Michelle Koby was to be at the meeting today to represent Hawks Cay and discuss the cameras but was not.
4 Mr. Wooten stated that he was opposed to getting involved with Hawks Cay and would prefer to stay separate.
5 Mr. Neville stated that he had talked to Com cast and that they said that the area for the equipment needed to be protected and possibly air conditioned.
6 Mr. Wooten remarked that in 2010 Hawks Cay has plans to place a guard shack and gate at their main entrance.
7 The Board mentioned that they were concerned that Hawks Cay had been invited to a number of Security Board meetings but were unable
to attend. This was making coordination of the cameras project difficult since the equipment would probably be placed on Hawks Cay property.
8 Discussion took place about calling Judy Clarke to see if residential Duck Key could do the camera project without Hawks Cay.

Golf Carts
1 Mr. Neville stated that Duck Key was designated a "Golf Cart Friendly Community" a couple of years ago.
2 It was also mentioned that what were probably ''young or underage" drivers were causing some problems on the Island.
3 Capt. Scibilia stated that golf carts are legal on public roads and need to be registered to use them.
4 It was mentioned that a number of the wooden street signs were broken and that they were probably the result of vandalism by kids riding around in golf carts.
5 Capt. Scibilia said that he would check into the "Golf Cart Friendly Community" designation for further details.
6 Mrs. Smithwick stated that on a couple of occasions golf carts at Hawks Cay had pulled out in front of her without looking. She was in her car at the time.
7 It was mentioned that sometimes golf carts were driving on Duck Key at night without lights. Capt. Scibillia said that he can do that.

Sheriffs Activity Report
1 Capt. Scibilia presented a report that compiled activity of the Sheriff's Deputy on Duck Key. It detailed police, fire, arson on Duck Key and adjacent Highway 1. He explained how to read the report and asked that anyone who wanted to receive it supply him with their email address.

Bridge-Walkway Discussion took place about the bridge/walkway project.
Fire Response
Mr. Robert McCormick stated that he had talked to Commissioner Di Gennaro about fire service on Duck Key and that the Commissioner was in favor of having better service. This conversation was in regard to a possible switch to the Marathon Fire Dept. for Duck Key fire protection.

Right Turns Lane Off North bound US #1
A question was asked about the signage and painting on US I northbound at the Duck Key entrance. A number of accidents have occurred there because apparently some drivers think that the road is becoming four lanes and continue straight instead ofturning into Duck Key. Also accidents occur when cars leaving Duck Key do not see the North bound high speed cars due to slower cars turning into Duck Key. It was said that new signage and lane panting would be completed when the guardrail work on the other side of the highway was completed.

Stop Sign at Truman Bridge It was asked why a stop sign can't be placed at the base of the Truman
bridge so that cars would stop and allow pedestrians to cross more safely. The answer was that it was against the traffic laws.

Sheriffs Patrols
Mr. McCormick questioned how much of a driving presence there was by the Sheriff's Office. Capt.Scibili are ferred to the printout that he had presented for the answer to the number and frequency of patrols.

Motorized Skateboards and Scooters
A question was asked about the legality of driving motorized skateboards and motorized scooters on the roads. Capt.Scibilia said that at the present time they are classified as motor vehicles but that the Atty Gen. is taking a look at this subject.

New Business
Letter (rom Ed and Bev Gottschalk
A letter was presented to the Board proposing that "the ad valorem tax that now pays for a private security service be used instead to support a Sheriff's substation on Duck Key." They offered to help in any way they could to accomplish this.


Security Concerns
Mr. Flammang asked Capt. Scibilia if there were any new security concerns that island residents should be aware of. Capt. Scibilia mentioned that anyone who has a boat trailer should make sure that it is locked since one was recently stolen from Duck Key. Fortunately a neighbor saw the trailer and boat being towed off and contacted the owner. The Sheriff's Office was contacted and the boat and trailer were recovered driving North on Highway #1 in Key Largo.

There have also been some problems with credit card skimming. This is where the credit or debit card is swiped an additional time when the information is stolen and then used illegally. Capt. Scibilia asked everyone to be especially careful of someone on the
phone trying to get personal information. They may pretend to be from a bank or credit card company when actually they are not.

The meeting was adjourned at l0:26 am.

Capt. Scibilia remained afterwards to discuss any items that were of concern to Duck Key residents.

Respectfully Submitted

Tom Neville, Chairperson

John Flammang, Secretary



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