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Letter to Security District Property Owners Summer 2003


Duck Key Security District
126 Bimini Drive
Duck Key, Florida 33050 (305) 289-4311


Advisory Board: Tom Neville, Chmn.

RJ. Helbling, David Lyon, Dick Adler, Bruce Franck Dick Holland, Dennis Kulig, Gerry Fortier


June 19, 2003

Dear Duck Key Property Owners,

Since the Duck Key Security District was established in 1992, there has been a consistent wish, expressed by many of the residents of Duck Key, for establishing a security access point to our island. In recent meetings, the Security District has made progress on this issue and has at this point received encouragement from the County as to the possibility of establishing a security point on the road going through Indies Island. One possibility is that we could establish a gatehouse effect which has been demonstrated to enhance security.

Our research in pursuing this issue has involved numerous discussions with the County Engineering Dept., County Legal Dept., and our District 4 County Commissioner David Rice. It appears that the construction of the security facility could most efficiently be accomplished by private construction rather than adhering to County bidding, design, and construction regulations. For this reason, the Security Board approached Hawks Cay Resort to request that they consider the possibility of constructing the facility and leasing it to the Security District. This arrangement would result in financial benefits to the Security District.

In subsequent discussions, the representatives of the resort and the homeowner's association on Indies Island expressed an interest in participating with the Security District to enhance security available both to Indies Island as well as to the remaining portions of Duck Key. For this reason, the Advisory Board plans to provide this information which will be followed with a ballot to all property owners within the current Security District in February of 2004. This ballot will allow all participants to vote on the option of expanding the Security District to include all of Duck Key. This expansion would provide the necessary funds for security enhancements such as the gatehouse and other security improvements to Duck Key.

The current plans would involve financial agreements with all parties which will fairly resolve the issue of the current cash balance which the Security District holds as a result of your contributions over previous years. This cash balance will be used to benefit the current members of the Security District only.

The proposed expansion of the Security District, if approved, would result in no increase in costs to the property owner. In the event that the Advisory Board obtains the approval of property owners in February, a recommendation will be presented to the Board of County Commissioners for approval.

So that voters can make an informed decision, information will be distributed to property owners through mailings and meetings. Property owners will have opportunity to assimilate information, present points of view, and ask questions of the Advisory Board through traditional venues and public meetings held for discussion on the island.




Tom Neville,
Chairman Duck Key Security District Advisory Board


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