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Duck Key property owner, Samuel I. Burstyn, part of land-use court case

Duck Key property owner and prominent Miami Beach criminal defense attorney Samuel Burstyn, is part of a lawsuit in which property owners claim that county environmental rules resulted in a "taking" of property rights of undeveloped lots. An early ruling went against the plaintiffs when Monroe County Judge Payne ruled that Monroe County should be reimbursed expenses because Burstyn who was in jail at the time refused to participate in a deposition.

Burstyn pleaded guilty in September of 2005 to obstructing a federal grand jury investigation into a drug trafficking operation run by former clients. As part of a plea deal, 11 other counts against Burstyn were dismissed.

The Key West Citizen reported during the summer that " . . . Samuel Burstyn, is being held in the federal detention center in Miami on charges of money laundering, conspiracy and obstruction of justice. Though the county's attorneys had obtained permission to take a deposition at the jail, they "waited 45 minutes and were told [he] had declined to join us," said attorney Steve Moore."

The Duck Key lot which is part of the lawsuit is Lot 11 in Block 9 located on Center Island, Duck Key.

The Associated Press reported on September 16, 2005 that at the plea hearing on obstructing justice Burstyn said, "This is the right thing to do. I'm really sorry."

For more on Samuel I. Burstyn accused of acting as "house counsel" to a group of marijuana smugglers who later provided evidence against him go to Lawyer Tied to Drug-Dealing Clients (This link is now dead)


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