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September 2007 posting

Early photo of completed wooden bridge and entrance


1. Pedestrian Bridges - New walkways and bike path approved

Several month's ago Monroe County Commissioners approved the concept of creating a bike and foot path alongside two “humpback” bridges on Duck Key.

The humpback bridges identified as the Truman and Plantation Bridges have "blind spots" which may cause a hazard for walkers and bicyclists. Although Florida State law requires that walkers face oncoming traffic, islanders cross the bridges differently. Since pedestrians are unable to see traffic on the far side of the humpbacked bridge walkers travel with the traffic on their way up the bridge and cross over so as to face traffic going down.

Early photo - Construction of wooden bridge


Additional view of entrance and bridge


Tom Neville, chairman of the Duck Key Security District Advisory Board, believes that pedestrians and cyclists on Duck Key will soon be safer once the pedestrian bridges are constructed.

The resolution for the bridge pathway was sponsored by County Mayor Di Gennaro and had the support of the Duck Key Security District Advisory Board. The Security District Board had previously polled Duck Key residents to find that 70 percent of the respondents were are in favor of the pedestrian bridges.

The pedestrian bridges will be paid for out of transportation impact fees for that district. Key Largo had a similar bridge constructed in 2004. A similar bridge in Key Largo was built in 2004 for just under $100,000.

The commission also unanimously approved installing security cameras at the entrance to Duck Key.

2. Technically Deficient Bridges on Duck Key

After the it was disclosed that two Bridges on Duck Key along with seven others in the Florida Keys were judged to be technically deficient on State List.

The two Duck Key Tom's Harbor bridges while rated technically deficient are considered safe and not a cause for alarm according to County officials. According to news accounts contract negotiations are under way for design repairs to all bridges on Duck Key.

The State of Florida sees to it that its bridges are inspected every two years. If a bridge is judged to be deficient it is monitored and receives annual inspections.


Truman Bridge lower left, car shelters above, right side of road Villa Jamaica, Villa Pierre.

Image of Harbour Island Bridge

Inspectors look at a bridge's age, it physical appearance and the amount and type it sustains.

If a bridge is judged "structurally" deficient it means the bridge is unable to bear weight loads for which it was originally designed. Inspectors use a complex formula with many factors to evaluate a bridge. A deficiency rating of 80% or less generally indicates some rehabilitation may be needed; a 50 percent score or less indicates replacement may be in order.

Constructed in the 1950s the arched bridges on Duck Key have been repaired a number of times in the last 20 years. Early when Mike Puto was Mayor of Monroe County, Duck Key Bridges underwent extensive repairs. In one instance a floating army type "Balley Bridge" was used on Duck Key during bridge repairs. A similar floating bridge was used when the old wooden bridge at the entrance to Duck Key was replaced by a wider concrete bridge..


Early photo of coral rock roadway leading from the Overseas Highway



3. Security Cameras

Residents were polled and 70% indicated they were in favor of utilizing security cameras to improve security and reduce incidents of vandalism and speeding.

The Monroe Counnty Commission approved installing security cameras at the entrance to Duck Key. The expense for the security camera would come out of Security District funds. Some asssitance with the camera project will come from the Sheriff's Office.



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