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Item from December 98 DKPOA Newsletter

Hurricane Gorges and Perimeter- Canal Restoration

As a result of Hurricane Georges the safety necklace breakwater protecting the canals and island residences of Duck Key from the sea received considerable damage. Additionally, debris, uprooted trees, and lobster pot floats in the canal has made boat navigation hazardous and in some cases impossible.

In October the DKPOA Board of Directors appointed Dave Lyon to chair efforts for the Duck Key Perimeter Canal Restoration Project with the goal of clearing the canals and restoring the breakwater safety necklace.

Dave Lyon's report on efforts to date is provided below.


An agreement has been reached with a local contractor to remove debris and trash out of the west canal beginning at the western end of the east canal and extending to its western end. The material will be deposited on ray Larsen's vacant lot and waste management will remove it. The project does not require permits according to the DEP and Corps of Engineers, but will not permit maintenance dredging - bolder and rock removal.

Cost of the first phase will be $11,000 and will be shared by property owners on a voluntary basis. A number of affected property owners believe that it is important to act as swiftly as possible since the permitting process could be changed at any time. We are requesting that DKPOA act as the agent for these people since in may be helpful if we try to get reimbursement from the government in the future.

For now, fish traps and floats in the east have been moved from blocking the channel. There is need to completely remove them as soon as possible. We would appreciate any action taken by anyone in order to gain their removal between now and the first of the year.


We have been working with R.J.Helbling and the state DEP to try to get the Natural Resource Conservation Service to include the Duck Key perimeter canals on a list of projects to be funded to include maintenance dredging, breakwater repair and improvement, and botanical planting on the finished breakwaters. We have been informed that this project will be on the list of projects to fund.

We have met with Ken Sorenson of the Florida Legislature who assures us that we will have a voice in the project in Tallahassee. We have also written our County Commissioners and explained the gravity of the situation to them. A lot more work needs to be done with the new commission to make them act favorably when the time comes.

Peter Horton, the Assistant County Manager, has been contacted and has informed us that this project is being handled for the county by Jim Mallock, Special Programs Coordinator 292-4562. At this point, we need to keep our ears wide open and be prepared to write letters to the County Commissioners just as soon as the funds are available. There is no doubt that many projects are on the list to be funded but it seems imperative that the Duck key breakwater project be one of the first to be undertaken.

There is one other major consideration. Who owns the breakwater? This is a potential stumbling block since some clarification may be needed before work can be started. We have asked Hawk's Cay to help us make a determination about ownership through their legal firm and we need to follow up with Don Johnson.



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