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Duck Key Property Owners' Association Newsletter - Summer 98
- - David Lyon


Not always an easy question to answer especially when one is talking about the alternatives which Duck Key residents may be facing in the near future regarding how best to affiliate themselves governmentally. With Islamorada already having incorporated as a city, and Marathon, Key Largo and Ocean Reef talking similar actions, just where does that leave Duck Key?

Since early January, Harry Keller, Tom Bohan and Dave Lyon have been meeting to determine what might be the best course of action for island residents to take. The more they looked into the matter the more they realized that there are no easy answers. Hoping to get help and support, they invited other interested residents to join them in their research. Several meetings were held and it became obvious that with the departure of most of the snowbirds, little activity would happen until fall.

The group turned to DKPOA and with the approval of the board, was made a DKPOA committee under the chairmanship of Vice President Bohan. It was further agreed to hire Jenny Morris, a graduate student with a Masters Degree and a fine background in research to spend the summer gathering data on as many aspects as possible. The finished report will be given to the committee in October and its contents plus other research will be made known when all the material is collated.

A number of possibilities seem to exist for the governmental future of Duck Key such as:

  • remaining part of Monroe County and facing the consequences of a vastly reduced revenue base for the county;
  • applying to the City of Layton for annexation;
  • making the same request of Marathon if they incorporate or possibly Key Colony Beach;
  • asking for special permission of the State to permit the formation of a city of less than 5,000, the usual number for incorporation, if Duck Key were not asked to join Marathon or Layton;
  • applying for some sort of village status within one of the aforementioned cities.

Another consideration might be the formation of a gated community within one of the cities already mentioned.

The goal of the committee is to help residents become as informed as possible on all aspects of the situation, autonomy and self government, continuation of important governmental services - fire - emergency medical - mail - police protection and security - roads and bridges - garbage collection and of great concern to all, estimates on the cost of each of the alternatives.

The committee will need all the help it can get in the fall, so if you are interested please contact DKPOA or one of the committee members.




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