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Duck Key Property Owners Association

Message from President

April 1998, DKPOA Newsletter

The year started off with much to contemplate. As our residents returned from points beyond they were surprised to see the first phase of the Village at Hawk's Cay near completion. Later in February, a presentation was made by the developer of the Village at Hawk's Cay before the Planning and Zoning Board and the Board of County Commissioners to amend the DRI plans in order to build recreational amenities and open up Development Corridor 4. This corridor is for repositioning up to ten units which are being moved from the Sunset side of the project. Many residents attended both meetings and heard the approvals granted to the resort and developers.

Residents with concerns about the project have asked how we got to this point. In a message to residents DKPOA distributed an information package explaining chronologically without editorial the sequence of events and the role that DKPOA played as concerned and active participants in the evolution of the resort project. Additional copies of this packet are available upon request. Please contact one of your directors with your need.

Your Board has been working to insure that the lines of communications are open with all the parties involved. A town meeting is being planned for the month of April fashioned much like the ones Peter Jennings hosts on ABC. This format will provide a forum to ask pertinent questions of the developer, resort owners, county, state and other governmental officials. Hopefully this will clear up any misconceptions, lay the facts of the project out and find possible solutions to preserve and protect the quality of life for the residents of Duck Key.

In February an ad hoc committee was formed made up of members from the Blue Ribbon Committee and members of the DKPOA community. This committee's purpose is to study and advise your Board of Directors in matters as they relate to the Hawk's Cay Resort development. We hope to expand its scope in the future.

In a related matter, the drafting of a lease for the parcel of land to be used as the Duck Key Residential Reception/Security Center is in process. We hope to have control of the parcel this summer. Our plan is to sublease the property to the security district.

I have been asked to remind the residents of our islands that we are not a golf cart community. Our roads are public and operating carts is done at your own risk. All rules and regulations must be followed as prescribed by DOT and the county. And please, remember to observe the posted speed limits when driving a motor vehicle, as many residents enjoy riding bikes, walking or jogging around and over our lovely islands and bridges.

In closing I hope that as many of you as possible will participate in our many functions. We will advise you as to when and where the town meeting will be held through our DKPOA tube distribution system. So be looking for your flyer. In the meantime be thinking of questions for the panel. As always, thank you for your interest in DKPOA. This truly is a unique island community.


- - Gary Jones, President

Duck Key Property Owners Association



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