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The County has been active in purchasing property on Center Island. The subject lots in the Center Island subdivision on Duck Key are zoned Improved Subdivision (IS), designated Residential Medium (RM) on the Future Land Use Map.

Twenty-three Lots Acquired - To date the County has acquired a total of 23 Center Island lots with the purpose of protecting property rights and natural resources. Shown in gray below on map.

Forty-three Additional Proposed Acquisitions Approved - Shown in Yellow below . At the March 20, 2002 BOCC meeting, the County approved acquisition of 43 additional lots which consist of a number of red-flagged wetlands (unsuitable for development due to high functional capacity and lack of disturbance) together with the largest adjoining area of lesser quality . The lots have not been purchased as yet. Red-flagged wetland lots will have to be purchased by the County as the County will not issue building permits for said lots. Lots in adjoining areas which allow for building construction with mitigation do not have to be sold to the County.

Funding for the planned acquisition will come from Florida State's Preservation 2000 funds which restricts the use of the property to conservation and public recreation. The County has set aside $658,255.18 for the purchase of all 43 lots.

The acquisition of the above mentioned 43 lots changed with the stance the County has taken on the Tier System - The County subsequently designated a number of these lots as buildable after property owners questioned their Tier designation. Comment added December 2003 -

A map of Center Island showing the location of the 23 acquired lots together with the 43 lots planned for purchase (either wetland unsuitable or in the buildable with mitigation category) may be found below:

Lots are located either side of Jamacia Street. Other lots face on Antiqua Street, Nassau Street, North Bahama Drive, South Bahama Drive, and Exuma and Kingston Streets.




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