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Dear Property Owners of Duck Key,

The following is an update of the political situation as it now stands concerning the build out at Hawks Cay and the waste water plan they have tied to it.

As most of you know, the Department of Community Affairs (DCA) did step in to appeal the Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) vote to approve both items on March 12th based upon its so called validity as being "outside" of the rate of growth ordinance. The DCA ruled that county attorney Jim Hendrick's position on the build out was invalid and would not agree and further stated that the waste water issue should be "de-coupled" from the Development of Regional Impact (DRI).

CCDK was elated with this news as it appeared that the DRI would be stopped and the sewer issue would stand alone and not be forced upon us by Hawk's Cay developers and the county.


With noticeable swiftness, the DCA then announced that a new plan was in effect whereby the developer could purchase Transferable Development Rights (TDR) and use them to build at Hawk's Cay. This could have been the plan all along but why buy TDRS if you can get by with "phantom" development rights as originally postulated by Mr. Hendricks???

The DCA has now thrown the whole matter back to the BOCC for their vote of approval or denial.

We were scheduled on the May 15th meeting agenda and were prepared to make our stand to convince a majority of the board to vote our way. Our attorney, Vincent Damian, was prepared and thought we had a very good chance of victory. However, at the last minute, we were pulled off the docket and re-scheduled on June 1 9thy. Either the developer was not ready or he wanted to wait for the great summer exodus from Duck Key, or both.

It appears at this time that we have a very good opportunity to defeat the DRI and separate the sewer issue at the June 19th meeting. We will, of course, need Mr. Damian to present our case which will cost more money. We are about "on board" with exspenses, having collected about $30,000 to date...We need about $5,000 more to see us through the summer. Please contribute whatever you can to finish this struggle to protect our way of living on Duck Key.

We have been made aware of two letters from present and past DKPOA officers stating that DKPOA does not oppose more buildings at Hawk's Cay or the developers plan of tying us into Hawk's Cay outdated sewer plant. These letters have served as the perfect catalyst to galvanize DKPOA into action, which has been one of our goals since the outset.

Mr. Art ApKarian, President of DKPOA, has seized the opportunity to take a very positive political stand and finally set the record straight with Representative Sorenson, Secretary Seibert of the DCA and all of our County Commissioners that DKPOA as well as CCDK firmly oppose the build out and want the opportunity to make all waste water decisions without pressure from developers or County officials.

Our congratulations to Art for having the insight and courage to speak out on these issues and not be content with DKPOA taking a "neutral" position on matters so vital to our future.

We would like to have as many Duck Key residents as possible at the June 19th meeting to show our county commission that we are alive and well and need to be recognized.

Please remember that this stand represents the wishes of the majority of Duck Key residents. Much hard work has gone into getting us to this point. Don't let the summer "blahs"-make us apathetic. This is what the developers are counting heavily on. We need this push at this meeting by your physical presence if possible We also need more dollars.

I waant to take this opportunity to thank all of those who have so generously contributed to this effort. It has been a great effort by all and it has been a privilege for me to work with so many people who really care about Duck Key.



Tom Davis, President, CCDK

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