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TOM DAVIS, President 

GEORGE PROUT, M.D., Treasurer


Dear Property Owners of Duck Key:

This comprehensive overview of the political/governmental events impacting our island is being sent to all property owners on Duck Key in an effort to bring you up to speed with the rapidly evolving developments regarding the further expansion of Hawk's Cay Resort and the resulting proposed central sewage system for Duck Key. For some of you, much of this communication may seem like old news; for others, it might be the first time you've heard the information.

On February 12, the Monroe County Board of County Commissioners passed a resolution amending Hawk's Cay Ltd.'s Development of Regional Impact (DRI) permit to construct 46 additional units on the condition that they expand their central wastewater collection and treatment facility to accommodate the increased density on Indies Island as well as service Conch, Walker, Coral, and Duck Keys. Hawk's Cay maintains that they still have vested rights for further development on Indies Island. Much of the Duck Key community as well as a number of governmental officials believe that the 1986 vested rights for 444 more hotel units (legally defined as a bedroom/bathroom), amended in1996 to include 269 multiple bedroom/bath condo units, negated any further claim to development. The number of vested units was reduced, in exchange for an extension of time within which the development was to be completed - January 1997 to January 2004.

In addition to concerns about further commercial development on Indies Island, much of the Duck Key community is concerned about the proposed sewage treatment facility, bartered by Monroe County and Hawk's Cay Ltd. for additional development permits. To date, developers have provided residents neither engineered site plans nor firm financial projections for the system. Originally the system was not even going to be put out for competitive bid. Conch Key is No.3 on Monroe County's priority list for areas of critical concern for receiving wastewater treatment systems. Duck Key is No.40.

Residents of Duck Key banded together, forming the CCDK Corp. The group has hired Miami attorney Vincent E. Damian, Jr., a specialist in real estate law and litigation to represent them in their fight to contest further density on Indies Island. Based on a CCDK Corp. petition signed by nearly 230 Duck Key residents, stating their concerns, Damian has filed objections to Hawk's Cay's amended DRI with the South Florida Regional Planning Council and the State of Florida Department of Community Affairs.

The filing reads in part:

The concern of the residents stems primarily from the expansion of the resort in size and scope ... together with the resulting burden upon all the local facilities, the traffic, U.S. Highway 1, the water, the effluent, and the consequential results... The process by which the Monroe County commission approved the amendment to the DRI... deliberately ignored the number of hotel rooms and bathrooms that are being added, deliberately ignored the impact upon traffic, ROGO, and hurricane evacuation. . .


On April 3, 2002, Damian also filed a Petition for Declaratory Decree and Appeal from the County Commission's Amendment of the Hawk's Cay DRI in the Sixteenth Judicial Circuit Court in Monroe County. The CCDK Corp. petition asked the Court to declare the Amendment to the DRI unlawful and invalid, or in the alternative to grant CCDK Corp. the right to appeal the Commission Resolution amending the DRI permit.  

The Secretary of the Department of Community Affairs must decide by April 24, 2002, whether he wants to appeal Hawk's Cay's amended DRI to the Florida Land and Water Adjudicatory Commission (FLWAC), as requested by CCDK Corp. State Representative Ken Sorenson, in a telephone call to Duck Key resident Tom Bohan, stated that "the prospects are good that the DCA will appeal."

To date, CCDK Corp. has raised $10,000 in donations, from Duck Key residents, to cover legal costs incurred in this ongoing effort to assure the future of Duck Key. Much of this legal fund has already been depleted paying for the aforementioned legal actions and filings. This is a David and Goliath struggle. Developer Pritam Singh stated to one Duck Key resident, "I have deep pockets." We, on the other hand, don't.

We need your help. Please give what you can so that we can continue our fight for the rights of all citizens of Duck Key and so that we all can have a voice in our future destiny. Please make checks payable to CCDK Corp. and give to any of the board members listed below, or mail checks to CCDK Corp. at the address listed on the letterhead.


Tom Davis

President, CCDK. Corp.


Board of Directors. CCDK Corp.:

President - Tom Davis

Treasurer - George Prout. MD

Directors - Louise Skidmore, Tillie Theodore, Ward Doyle MD,

Dennis D'Angelo, Micky Bohan. James Hankins, Esq., Jane Marter



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